Any one ever hear of an angel lover?

So I have been slowly backing away from my relationship with Belial and yet today the angels were saying that I should peruse it, at least that was the strange messages I was getting from my angel deck.

This was my article for today on it.

Than I realized a message of music and how that related to some unfinished but important work that Belial was yet to do in fixing my DNA around relationships.

Then I did my cards again and it seemed to me they would suggest that as an alternative I could have an angel relationship.

It is an interesting alternative. I bet both kinds good have it’s ups and downs, but I thought angel lovers didn’t really happened or were rare.

Have you ever heard of this or had any experience with this?

I keep getting side tracked but I am planning on doing an experimental ritual to envoke a gaurdian angel of mine.

When I come back I hope to see how what others say lines up with what I get as a message.

It will be interesting to see.

Yes, it is possible, but it is not as common as demon lovers, as angels don’t seem to be as interested in physical relationships.

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Doesn’t happen unless they fall.

I have to disagree with that. Angels don’t “fall.”

There have been documented cases of nuns who have married angels so it is very possible.


Angels do fall, have fallen, and continue to. Nun marriage I could see for the fact that they vow chastity and ritually rebase themselves on the reg, if not the daily.

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Agree to disagree. I do not buy into the idea of fallen angels.

Either way, OP, the answer is yes, it is possible.

Not so. Angels that aren’t considered “fallen” have tons of human lovers. The idea that they have to fall is Abrahamic dogma.


That is interesting I got freaked when I heard they become fallen and demonic.

Now there is a debate. ha

From my invocation evocation I had actually fairly down the middle responses.
The demon lover comes much harder like a one night stand with extreme passion that lasts as long as you want and is always wanting to push the extremes almost like BDSM hoping to violate you or get off on pushing your limits too far.

Where as what I experienced with the angel was more the softer sort. Even though I did a stronger invocation/evocation than usual, it was much more reluctant to day, a bit more of a nervousness not to violate me, sort of more the “is it okay if I kiss you?” - type.

Perhaps it could feel that it is on a healing assignment and thus doing fine, which is good and sort of exactly what I want and need. Where as Belial may come and be a lover, but underneath that he probably see’s it more as business as usual.

But also now that you mention it, it did seem to have some of it’s own concerns, as not to fall. Though it was softer I think it is very powerful, perhaps more so than archangels, which is rarely talked about, but I strongly suspect I know which archangel this angels stream is of… if not identical too.


I’ve seen quite a few, both fallen (as in leaving their home) and nonfallen. Just not as common as demons because most occultist are pretty “doped up on demons” now a days lol.


I should mention for those who are doped up on demons that once the angels have said unto me and asked “Why are you losing yourself to Belial so? We have an angel for basically anything and everything you could possibly want and ask for, do you think that maybe it is you who hasn’t given us a fair enough chance?” or something like that. We tend to think from when we have prayed to God that Angels will answer our prayers with the same lack luster results and perhaps if we just prayed to God with the right words of power we might even have better results.
I have learned that Angel magick really works when you really work it and when it doesn’t it usually has more to do with a conflict of our own requests or is waiting to be presented to us at the right time, I have generally found.

That is the greatest danger I have found with angels is asking for the wrong things and getting your will tied up in knots.

I’m trying to stay as good as I can but I have rather enjoyed demons as a little extra spice, very nice. lol


Personally I only call on angels or demons from a friendship point of view if they allow it same with gods and other beings I’ve come across outside of those three spectrums. Any other form of energy work is done with my personal energy.

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I didn’t catch that but it sounded good. I like the only call on for the friendship, that was how my and Belail’s relationship was for a while but I sort of didn’t want this demon hanging around for no reason so I thought to ask it for an energy healing one day.

Anyways what was that you said? What are the 3 spectrum’s and what was that, that you do like to ask for with your energy?

Anyways I like to build relationships with Gods and planetary being that way, I like to build slowly and often not for too much reason in particular. Maybe later I can ask for help or they will just be ready for a deeper level of invocation when we are both ready that way.

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By three spectrums I meant how mostly here you will see working with demons, angels, or Gods, rarely mentions of varying other races (outside of Djinn) such as kitsune (rarely) fae races, and so forth. However, yeah I like to try and build them slowly because just like I have a life to live they do too lol. As for my own energy tidbit I meant any energy work other than that I use my own energy for as I don’t like relying on external sources plus it teaches me energy discipline and control when I work more with my own than with external.

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Oh yeah only started doing this magick thing like hard like everyday type stuff last year sometime-ish. The only demons around back then were the ones I fought with. I don’t like building energetic connections with too many demons as they can come in and out of your life in ways I’d rather not. After Belial took me to HelI saw signs that I spoke with Abandon, Lucifuge, Azazal and Satan, and possibly the 8th gatekeeper too. My memory is rather “foggy” let’s just say though. lol

Anyways the first while the only “Being” I relied on was myself and the moon. So much can be done with just candles. A fair bit can be done with just water or air and probably lots more that I don’t even realize.

Anyways we are getting a bit off topic. Perhaps if you want to keep talking PM me and let’s do it up I always enjoy PM’s on this site.

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its funny your talking about angel lovers i asked my familiar about it and the possibility. I dident think angils would have lovers mabye it was from my former christian upbringing but to me it just dident seem possible.

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I think I heard of it once, but God got pissed after, At least that sounds familiar for some reason.
Hmmm I wonder what is causing the Deja vu.

I guess my angel cards described it less as a romance and more as an enchantment. lol.

I suppose we’ll see. I will probably take sex slow if at all, but am curious to get sexual for sure. haha.
Perhaps if that happens I’ll keep you posted. lol.

Any spirit, angels included, is capable of energetic exchange, which tends to be at the core of sexual interaction. And just about anything in the universe is capable of intent, gratitude, and respect, all of which, though not exclusively, come together in romantic attraction.

As emissaries and embodiements of natural forces, and expressions of natural function, sexual angels are most definitely out there. So I wouldn’t just ask you to go to any angel, seeking a relationship, unless it’s something they do, like a pact-marriage kind of thing. There are angels out there that are far from benevolent, while also being powerful enough to make weather patterns, and even temporal patterns, go crazy just by being there.

But as mostly yang-based, expansive, high-frequency, and mostly spiritual beings, angelic “sex” is very different from the demonic variant (and remember there are angels that defy all of the aforementioned energetic criteria! it’s an infinite world out there). Lower frequencies are closer to material existence, and when demons are summoned they will manifest as deeply physical presences, lowering maybe even your own and interacting in very physical ways.

Touching angels, which would also extend to having sex with them, is a very different experience, since many of them elevate your own consciousness by their presence, to say nothing of the functions. They’re likelier to bring you to their level by virtue of resonance, and then the sexual exchange would happen. How much this feels, or resembles the classical kind of sex, is up to you to determine.

The reason I talk about high and low frequencies in the context of energy and manifestation is because this relates directly to music, and may be helpful if you’re looking for manifestation bases.


And by “wrong things you mean” ??

I could probably date Archangel Michael…

Shit he’s watching me since I said his name


I think it basically means some believe angels only do certain things but I think DK works with them quite often.

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