I'd really like to ask for some of your wisdom

So tonight I will be summoning this three spirits: Astaroth, Beelzebub and Lucifer at once. I’m aware that they are the infernal Trinity. I’ve been drawn to it a lot lately by Lucifer and Belzebub, and Azazel also told me I should this morning.

So, do any of you know any specific rituals to get this done at it best, should I just evoke them individually with their individual chants and such, or should I get into the Ritual, summon either Lucifer or Beelzebub and ask them to help me with the finalization for the purpose of the ritual?

I want to thank to all of my fellow sourceres and all of the great people that always help me and everyone out and also wish all of you a great and blessed Semhain and Halloween night. :smiley:


Javier P.


If it were me, I’d plan to evoke each in turn. You could always adjust if your intuition tells you to once you get into it.

I like to have a plan, knowing I can always change the plan if I want to.

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I would also do them one at the time and once all 3 are evoked start the working.

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I’ll do that! Thanks!!! I actually thought about summoning one at a time as well, because I kept circling around and researching but I couldn’t find anything though.