I'd like to discuss an opinions about Archangels expirience

Hello “colleagues”,

I’m new in the forum, so I’d like to ask for an excuse if the topic isn’t relevant to the chapter and needed to be removed in the correct category.

I’d like to share some experience with an Archangel’s summoning and invocation and ask for your opinions.

I’ve never been quite attached to Arch. “job” but in recent years I’ve somehow ended in it.

First “contact” with Archangel Michael I’ve established when my mother has been diagnosed with a cancer and went to a surgery. Long story short - I dreamed through the Kastsneda’s technique and suddenly the (lets say the set) changed, AAM appeared (as a man, couldn’t see facial characteristics, just a terribly strong presence) and told me that my mom need to pack her luggage and proceed further with him. I was shocked and asked him in desperation that I wasn’t ready to leave her and need some more time with her. He told me: “OK, you have 2 years.” She died exactly 2 years after the dream

Second time I was “involved” with Archangels was during a deep meditation. I was totally “conscious” and suddenly “vacuumed” into a grey space, a substance, I’ve seen it before - it’s “the Chaos” as I call it, but that’s not the main point. I slept down into a spiral (right oriented) and suddenly the greyness formed into a sight from my childhood and AAM and AAGabriel appeared as a tall genderless figures. I wasn’t scare, but curious. They proposed to show in a specific gender and I requested them as a men. Than (this is the most awkward moment) they stared a sex, hmmm, intervention. It wasn’t unpleasant, but I’ve never expected this thing from an Archangels. They immediately stopped as I felt strange and told me: “We thought this is the easiest way to recieve the energy you want!” But I don’t remember to ask for any energies. Didn’t even ask. Tried to receive an explanation, but didn’t receive one.

The last experience was Michael again - he told me that will show me the shortest path to Chaos as I wanted (this one was asked). And… He showed me a fireplace, told me to enter there, singing a chant, follow 5 steps ahead and 3 in left.

To this moment I can feel Michael’s presence just near me and very easy to communicate.

Sorry for the long post. Please, give me your opinios, share some experience, I don’t know, just need to talk with persons who possess certain types of, let’s say Force. Thanks.


Sounds all fairly normal? You’re clearly familiar with communicating with entities, so… you asked questions and you got answers. If you try the search at top right you’ll see many other posts that are not so different :smiley:

Are you having any problems?


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I did search and found thousands of posts, actually having read them for couple of weeks and decided to register finally, because it’s the precious information I collect for different things chained with the posts.

Don’t have any particular problems, just wondering is it possible to get so easy communication, almost as I invited a friend on a coffee. For example as it appears it’s harder to make a contact with a forest creatures than with Archangels.

Thanks once again!

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I think it’s different for everyone. Some may find it very easy to contact the Archangels, others might have difficulties with it, but may be able to connect to other entities easier.

It’s similar to the fact that some entities feel like friends to you, while others may strictly stick to a business relationship.

If you’re not sure whether what you saw was in fact the entity you tried to reach (because I understand that you feel like it was too easy?) and not an imposter, I suggest banishing after the contact, and always keep a track on the results you get from that contact. Write down how it felt and establish a method of recognizing the entity in the future.


Might be a book, what the names of it?

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I had to look this up, myself. I think he’s talking about Carlos Castaneda’s techniques, as detailed in The Art of Dreaming.


Yeah, it’s “The Art of Dreaming”. I found it very useful.


Wonderful advice, thank you!