I would like to have a talk with the new members


Sorry for deleting it, thought I posted it wrong

You make a great point. The overall growth in any ‘spiritual’ journey is for development of the id. A decent definition can be found here from this link: https://www.britannica.com/science/id-psychology

This results in a chain effect once the brain has developed fully and natural attractions are eventually explored, i.e sex, love money and any thing instinctual. That is if the person becomes aware of their own habitual nature and thus decides to understand these in more depth.

As well as, taking into consideration if they’re willing to reform their own habits from up-bringing, if they can get past the implanted moral obligations and feelings of guilt; maybe some reassurance could help those needing it, that it’s ok to question, question everything. Like you said, ‘not all sparkles and zombies’ lol :+1:


Hell yeah! Well said! :+1: :smile:


Maybe a new section:

Love, Lust, Dirty Sex Spells and Money Magick.



"…Because you want to learn something out of the wrong motive…Politely learn’. Now that is a very true statement and such an important thing to learn for practice in life and in general; especially for beginners of all sects.

Btw you bring up a lot of good topics, possible potential thread discussions?? :smirk:


What defines wrong motives? besides personal perception? A person’s motives is grey at best but not wrong. Of course I do think there’s many topics that are already here it’s simply that most like to talk about the Goetia which personally I don’t really comment on because I like to work with beings that aren’t of that area because it was something I already did and wanted to move on to something new. However, even the smallest wants and desires for spells can lead the person on their own path, just because they leave doesn’t mean they’re not elsewhere learning.

Becoming dependent on a website is in my opinion not the best way to develop your own path.


Of course wrong and right is purely subjective, but they all do come from a ‘particular’ place. For it to be justified would obviously have its opinions along with it but there is a discrepancy.

I think wrong motives comes from negative emotions. Rage, angst, envy, hatred. Wanting to learn out of sheer revenge etc etc. ya da ya da someone will now say these emotions can be used as sheer fuel for will, that it isn’t a wrong motive at all. Okay, fair enough.

It’s like a bully going to a boxing class, the trainer will know the difference between a cocky person learning for the wrong reasons or the one who only wishes to seek the knowledge there is.

I agree, I have more comments to make on non-goetic discussions. Having some introspective topics where we all get to know each other on moreso a level that shows our personality always brings good vibes.


I think thats an awesome idea LOL


First of all I want to congratulate every of you which stayed here as newbies.You have clearly have a spark whick makes you differ from ordinary people :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said @Whitehowlite I absolutely agree and would love if forum have turned a little more esoteric.A group of esoteric students would be cool :sweat_smile:


I think the reason we have so many coming, asking for a quick fix, and leaving stems into a larger number of people becoming interested. People like to take a peek and run away, probably either fear or laziness. Either way i think the lhp is getting a lot more attention as time goes on. Even more people in my family are getting into this. Since Ive decided to dive as deep as i can into this path 3 of my close family members have also been drawn to this lifestyle. Even tho it can be irritating we know its sparking a lot of interest.


Bravo for creating this topic. We all wish we could just snap our fingers and Abracadabra it is done in magic! If only it was that simple but its not.


Is it really work if you’re having fun learning from your mistakes though?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i liked this part because most of people when they see Bonnie Bennet became a witch over night in Vampire Diaries they think that is how magic really works …

Well the bad news is…You have to work your ass off to get powerful… Very great post… :smile: again THIS IS NOT HOLLYWOOD :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I wonder why it took me so long to see this… Still having got the navigation right I think.:angry:

Wonderful Post @Littleshart, hope this is seen to most new members.


I only joined just to share my spiritual experiences with everyone in regards to left hand path.

My experience which brought me here, seeking opinions

Good for you.


this forum must be like a mico cosmium (cant write for shit) as to what those who guide us see and deal with,
well some come for quick fixes some stay because they see it more as a life commitment this a worth while thing to take some time to think about for newbies because on the other side of the veil is those who are just like the regulars here and more experienced ones not knowing if you gonna stay and work.

in my opinion weather someone uses the LHP once or a thousand times is all good because this life might not be there end point but important to foster the LHP in everyone


Very nicely written Monica7, I have to admit also that I would like to have great love and a lot of money. I also want you to know that this isn’t the reason that lead me to this forum.
I want to know everything what there is to know about black magic, I want to learn to find my way to contact demons I came here just a few days ago, therefore I would like to ask from the more experienced members here to give us new comers more advice about what we can do, and also what better not to


Thank you and me too, I want to include demons and other spirits in my life, because if we can have their help, why not take it? Instead of assuming that they’re evil, why not do some research and wonder why the hell people tell you they’re not good, without even knowing anything about Magick.

You can get tons of information in the search function, everything I know about Magick so far is thanks to this forum, so yeah🙂


Thank you and me too, I want to include demons and other spirits in my life, because if we can have their help, why not take it? Instead of assuming that they’re evil.
I do 100% agree with you, people are assuming to much without having any knowledge about the subject.
Thanks for your reaction


Probably because of Hollywood movies.
And you’re welcome!