I would like to have a talk with the new members

Hello everyone.For those of you who dont know me,lets say I am a beginner of this journey but I also adore this forum since I am a member of it.

Now,the reason I have created this topic hes several factors.Lets take a look at them.

Since I have come to this forum sadly I have been seeing is newcomers wanting all the things without work.Well guys this is not hollywood,no one can give you anything with the snap of their fingers.
Also,which is much worse,we are seeing the same topics every single day,there is a huge magnifiyng glass that can make you find anything,use your eyes people.
Another problem I would like to talk about is some people uses this forum as a one time deal.This is most seen in love and money magick.Then they just disappear regardless they solved the problem or not.

At the end of the day,niether your love interest nor money will make you a god.You gotta do it yourself,you must take that journey,you are so lucky you have found this place with all kinds of helpful magicians all around the world.
Please,dont waste your time and ours.People in here got really tired,some of the most outstanding mages left here because of these problems.

I am wishing you all a great journey.


Amazing how often people come here for love spells and revenge spells, evocation/conjurations to hurt others, etc etc. yet no focus on a spiritual path for self-growth.
Sad, really.
So much growth to be obtained if only they could see more clearly what what they could invest into and realize those acts of revenge and infatuations are pretty minuscule.


Sometimes I feel so alone as a newcomer which only seeks wisdom.


that’s just how most people are…
ofc i would like all those nice things like money and love… who doesn’t?
but why am i lacking it or at least one of it?
my energy is blocked and not flowing properly
so i took up the journey in my own hands and i am working hard on myself every day :slight_smile:
gaining my power back
letting the energy flow
improving my soul
learning about the hidden truth


This is fantastic! Thank you for posting this and creating this thread. So true what you say, many of us forget the longterm effects, true effort needed and that which ‘may be left behind’ @Sovereign

It’s reassuring to have this thread for all of us to chime in and talk about what we may be forgetting, overlooking and possible needing a fresh new perspective. Kickass! :+1:


Everyone loves it,problem mostly lies in they never come back like I said above.
Best of all worlds ? Why not ? But the forum members arent some kind of servitors.


@Ivi25 that’s so motivating! :smile:


yeah that’s pretty normal
there are always people who want a quick fix and go away
at least we are there and i learn stuff every single day in this forum :slight_smile:


thank you ms liz :smile:


Well, Just opened up my tablet, and this was the first thread that caught my eyes.
I can say that Im a newcomer to this sight, and of course I want to learn to have things like money and pleasures flow into my life, but I am a firm believer that this should be used as a catalyst along the journey, an expedient on the path, not the path itself. So, props to all those who, not only want to reap the small rewards, but also want to set there thrown above the very stars of god.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis


I wonder how many times I have tried pointing this out only to hear the rabble rave on about perceived injustice.

Get good, pleb!


I somewhat agree with what your saying regarding new members, however love money and addictions I’ve found are common place among mortals. Desire is the fuel of this realm.

This a first time for many and I am sure it is not easy coming here and asking for help especially since most come from a RHP up-brining. They are also watching hollywood shows that portray what we do in a very superficial light. Not all sparkles and zombies.

While I don’t want to appear as defending “newbies”, I will do my best to guide if they ask. I feel it’s my duty to grow the Infernal Empire, without judgement against those who want to learn to help themselves.

Just my 3 cents LOL :slight_smile:


You are such a greedy man !!!
I am just giving them some advices that will benefit both parties,you know.I am a passionate lover of this forum,it makes me sad to see people just come and go… Either stay or never come in the first place :smiley:


I think you are an amazing person @Sovereign and your caring shows in every way possible. I feel you’re frustration too.


Wonderful post thanks so much and right on time, Well said :+1:


I feel your frustration, it’s just sad that people only care about superficial things alone, instead of deciding to take magick as their long-term path. I gotta admit that I want things like money and love as well (which is pretty normal), but the one thing I seek more is my development in magick, to ascend. I don’t even remember how I found this forum honestly, but I’m glad I did.
Either way, if people give up that early, it’s their problem. In fact, magick isn’t for everyone - and when I say this, I’m not saying that their bodies aren’t capable of doing magick, it’s more about their mindset and unpatience. Cause after all, everyone can do it, you just have to keep trying and be patient.


Personally I have no issue with people using online to seek money, love, contact with entities, and so forth, a spiritual path while you can seek outside help whenever it’s still in its totality a personal path so you use what you use to achieve that. I am the type of person that believes no website or forum is meant to be a permanent stay that at some point you have to leave and walk your own walk, some will return later down the line others won’t.


The help I’ve received from this forum has been unmatched to any other forum I’ve been on. I love it so much.

I also love that people post YouTube videos and everything to forum posts that will actually further someone’s development as opposed to just one stop shopping.

I love that people who post stuff put in effort. It really makes this place feel like a vibrant community.

I’m looking forward to becoming more involved.


I came here same as everyone looking for a love spells and revenge spells (recently revenge because someone hurt me pretty bad last night) but reading some of the post from older members has shown me that without self growth nothing will be achieved I need to put in the work read research and learn how to pave my own path and then with time everything will fall into place


If the forum had more esoteric and occult subjects to discuss would be good. All I really see is spells and demon talk. I know a fair few good thread starters which I’ll assume. This forum carries a decent weight of knowledge but the actual diversity and range of threads are all too similar.

I just don’t think people would agree with me that magick only solves half of life’s problems. Get off your ass and do the practicality you should be doing.

Go gym, eat right, work on self love, look out for others, stand for what’s right, help out your community and contribute and don’t be afraid and ponder upon the thought of what would Jesus do. If you want to live a life of magick you must be tapping into that streamline of consciousness for the day. You have to stay connected.

Don’t live in lala land because life got you edgy as fuck and now you wanna learn something out of the wrong motive. Politely learn. If you’re sensitive shield yourself. It’s a harsh world.