I was wrong (a wild goose chase)

So the whole issue about my Psy Vamp cousin turned out to be a big lie. They came over today and I scanned him and not long after, I noticed that he was not the thing attakcing me. As much as I forced myself to believe in this, I knew it wasn’t true. His energy was similar to that of Balder and there’s no way this kid even has tendrils.

I’ve come to think that this monster was the poison of jealously of some kind within me but could it even be that strong?

The Gods have been silent. Deeply Silent to the point at which it feels like they’re abandoned me but I sense their presence.

I feel fucking stupid. Sometimes it’s not even outside influences causing probelms but it’s happening within and this can really end up hurting others senselessly and in my case killing someone.

I guess it’s important to know I was wrong and admit it publicly. I’m not a perfect person by any means. I wonder why all my Guides encouraged me to attack. Maybe it was a lesson in jumping to conclusions as this often leads to 99% of problems as opposed to observing a situation.


That makes me wonder more about your guides than you. It’s usually not good advice to attack in spiritual circles, but it sure does make tasty waves for a lot of entities.


What Maulbeere said. But also, maybe, just maybe, it was a lesson that you should rather decide for yourself in the end, after thinking stuff through, and not listen to someone else as if their opinion is the law.


Well most have gone silent now but in the beginning, some told me it’s a test and to be careful but I listened to my ego, :man_facepalming:t2:

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I think this is what I had to learn. Thank you, :fire:

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Maybe your guides are not a 100

I agree with Helena, and the fact you took time to scan him and see shows you might actually have learned something.


What do you mean?

I learnt that I must :

  1. Look within before any conflict for that’s where my true battle lies
    2)Pull my head out of my ass (figuritvely) and listen to advice from my Guides. In the beginning most spoke against this but they probably got so tired of me not dropping the matter that they entertained it. Odin did confirm it was a test and I passed by not giving into Envy.
  2. The mind and “ego” will go to any length to avoid taking responsibility. The consequence for me was losing months of valuable time. I legit feel like Zuko after he decided to join the Avatar :man_facepalming:t2:

Fuck I was wrong again :man_facepalming:t2:

I plan on meeting his higher self to sort out the issue soon yes I will be calling on mine too.

Since he arrived, my Deities have been silent and I’m very convinced that the messages I received were wishful thinking. My last option is to as my Higher Self for help.