I was Reading in This Forum a Lots of Adramelech!

I was Reading in this Forum a Lots of Adramelech, that he can teach how to destroy enemys !?
The Main Problem for me is i know i have big big enemys, but i dont know the NAME !?
What can i do, to know my enemys and to stop them ?

How familiar are you with these enemies?

If you have a good grasp of their general demeanor, presence, etc you can use that as your point of focus to create the link you need.

You can just give them an arbitrary name associated with what they’ve done.

So for instance:

You will mentally recall that person in as much detail as you can. How they look, talk, the way they carry themselves, how they smell even. Get a good solid grasp on who they are in your mind.

Then write down (alternatively, you can carve it into a candle) whatever designation you’ve assigned them.

“The one who did X to me”.
(This can be made into a sigil as well)

That will be your "taglock"or link.

Work from there…

Andromalius comes to mind for finding enemies…

Andromalius may reveal those who have stolen from you, and those who seek to be as a predator against you. This spirit may reveal trickery and those who are wicked against you. He is able to punish and harm those who have harmed you or seek to.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Correct sigil ???

Here’s the sigil for Andromalius:

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So Andramalius is the same like Adramelech ?

Which demon is my sigil ?

What do you think which sigil is correct ?

No, I’m not saying that…I just posted the sigil for Andromalius because he was recommended to you for your situation.

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Nope :slight_smile: This is the sigil of Andrealphus, not Adramalech

Both are long names that start with A, no they are not the same being. Andrealphus is from the Goetia, Adramalech is from the Qlipphoth.

Adramalech has no sigil, as he’s not from the western grimoiric tradition that uses those… so you will have to make one yourself. The Qlipphoth (Tree of Death) is based in Judaic mysticism, it’s a reversal of the Sephiroth (Tree of Life) in Kabbalah.

Look up the Rose cross method for sigil making.

Or, go with Andromalius instead.


Actually, they are considered to be the same being, according to some sources.

Adramalech is from the Infernal Dictionary by Colin de Plancy.

Have you read the source information concerning this Adramelech? I’m curious regarding where this comes from and whether or not you’d want to rely on a spirit you know very little about in order to vanquish very large foes?

Oh ok, I just realized that this was an older thread.