I want to summon camio to learn the language of animals.... is that possible?

hi i am new to the occult world… i want to use the second ritual from the book Demons Of Magick to summon Camio to learn the language of animals… do you think that is possible? any suggestions? i have no idea about magick so anything could be helpful…

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my name is xaris… the only kind of magic i know is demon magic through the book demons of magic… i have trouble getting money in general… so as a start in summoning demons i wanted to try something different before starting the process of pursuing my real goal

Please do your introduction in the proper thread I linked for you.

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I swear when I read “I’m new” I knew this is the first reply


What can I say? I’m quick on the draw :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about working with Camio, but if you want to communicate with animals, try a search of the forum. There is another thread where I posted a spell to do so.

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thank you for your reply… i will try to find the spell

You’re welcome. It should come up easily if you search “animal communication.”

The spell doesn’t require any spirits, just a light meditative state, so it should be relatively easy. I had success with it on my now passed kitty.


i found the spell… i was locking for something more practical… i mean that the maditative state is difficult for me… i have never maditated before…

Animals talk the way most spirits do. It’s not really a “language” as far as like dialect as much as it is intention and projecting emotions to make them understand what it is you’re trying to make them understand.


how can i use this knowledge you give me?

It’s really just more the practice of telepathy than learning a “language”.


thank you so much

No problem hun.

Unfortunately that’s how you talk to them. It’s not Dr. Doolittle.
The only way I know is through Shamanism and meditation/Transe.

You could try a Daemon from the Book of Azazel who specializes in animals but you’d still need to beable to open his seal.

Also this is the practical way, what did you expect?

My friend and I wish to summon Camio to learn the language of animals but we have absolute no idea what we are doing with all this super natural stuff. Is it a good idea to do this? Could you please give us some tips for this specific demon?

welcome @Finnley_Armstrong. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I wrote an introduction thing

OMG and your name is Rin i’m like your fan already so I have a question have you communicated with animals?