I want to evoke the 3 parasitic death cults out of existence!

I have noticed this so many times, that whatever I will comes to pass. I can’t explain it. Witchcraft and Sorcery are on the rise. All my dreams come true.

I know what E.A.Koetting means by Evoking, “Nothing will be impossible for you”.

I called it Visualization, Jesus called it Faith (but i don’t think anybody actually understood him).

But evocation involves Visualizing to perfection.
Perfect the mind? Who said that? It was either Belial or Azazel, I just don’t remember.

I think both me and E.A.Koetting at one time when we were younger wanted to be just like Jesus, but our Christian families just wanted us to conform. We said fuck that and sought, asked, and Knocked. Now we know we can exceed Jesus. We won’t make the same mistakes. I question whether he existed many times.

Just Rambling, fuck.


evoke or banish? Please banish. We would all be so much better off…if you are referring to JCI…


Azazel. He also said perfect the vessel, make your body and mind strong, and your empire will follow.


I’d probably remove the Sai cult as well. Throw in a few others for my amusement off course XD

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Chiming in cuz I’m uneducated on this topic. I only recently started tracing the occult world, guided by king paimon. What are these 3 cults you are referring to? A link would suffice, I’m an avid study. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I believe that he is referring to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


Its funny, I just read this. But after posting this question I stumbled upon the answer randomly. Thanks whoever sent someone to guide me, or thank you to my guides. Haha

Only 3 to 4 gatekeepers in and everyone is talking about removing jci. :rofl: I am excited to see what will happen once all nine gatekeeper books are done. :slight_smile: humanity is all over the place and a lot is changing. What a time to be alive. :slight_smile:

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