I want to become pure darkness

are there any spells to get all the light out of my body?

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Okay firstly i must ask why ? Besides the edgy aesthetic of course :sweat_smile:


I hate light. light makes me unhappy. I found that darkness is love and darkness makes me happy. I want to dedicate my life to LHP

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I don’t think people understand, that embodying darkness allows one to create their own light. For example as i assumed total darkness, the demons i worked with themselves spoke of the importance of shining our own light, our own divinity as the only divine authority.

The Left Hand Path isn’t all about darkness at all, both LHP & RHP understand balance is importance. Darkness and light, life and death, health and decay, feminine and masculine, order and chaos. The black magician wields both not one over the other, darkness is the womb in which light is spawned from. Ergo the womb and its offspring is vitally key.

Look at the archetype of Lucifer, in most luciferian circles he is the archetype of balance, the light bringer and the brightest of the spirits of illumination. Yet simultaneously has an infernal aspect usually referring to him as ‘The Father Of Darkness, Father Of Light’.
It has nothing to do with happiness, its about that vital importance embody light (source) and embody darkness (abyss/void).

Once one assumes darkness they rid themselves of the false light, such as the false light of Ahura Mazda in the ahrimanic path or the false light of the false slave God of the main world religions. Once that microcosm (the individual) has assumed the macrosmic darkness, from within them shines true light. True divinity the light of our own divinity, the black flame, the light of inner godhood etc.


No, do that and you’ll be just dead. Your very cells create heat which is a form of light. (It’s a bit past red on the EM spectrum.)

I am a very yin person and I also find darkness comforting and nurturing, too much sunlight is uncomfortable for me, but, some sunlight is necessary for my human body to be healthy. I would say, enjoy darkness for all it’s worth, and take advantage of the positive effects of light. You need light for your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns to be fully healthy. A strong body leads to a strong mind leads to strong magick.

You can do that without making your human body sick. I recommend Leraje for mental strength to handle what you now find unpleasant until you stop noticing it as a problem and focus on things you can change not those you can’t.


You wanna drown in eternal night ?

Sure, thats called death.

Okay look, I am gonna tone down my cynical additude and give you an answer I see fit here. Left Hand Path never neccesarily equaled dark. Its all about stopping being an NPC. To realize your potential in the system. This does not mean = its dark.

Also, I would really listen what Mulberry said.