I want someone specific to desire me sexually casue they made me feel unwanted

It was supposed to be a fun wellness trip to an expensive spa. I wanted a genuine massage. But this male therapist refused to let me take off any cloth and massaged/stretched me for the whole session. It was a total rip off. I got a full refund and appology from the manager. This smug face thinks because he’s in better shape he can treat others like they are not worth it. I take good care of myself and work out regularly too. I have some definition on my boy and it gets better every week. But boy has my self-esteem took a hit today.
I want this asshole to desire me sexually, reach out to me. Just so i can reject him to make him feel unwanted too. Maybe then I might actually act on it.

This would be my first left hand path work. So any safety Nd cautios step by step instructions are appreciated.

If you did a forum search, you would have come up with this:

Or this:

Or maybe this for lust:


You have to influence the guy, change his mind towards you, make him develop feelings of lust towards you, desire you sexually, make him seek you out, reach out to you, etc etc etc…

You have to come up with a step by step plan, it’s you’re work…you have to do the research and put some effort into it. It seems like a lot of work, but if you’re hellbent on making this guy come crawling to you and you in turn, reject him, then have at it, do what you need to do.

Good luck…


Thanks QueenMustang I’ll make it a habit to search the forum first. I’ll post update if something comes off with it. I do want to me very clear and turn it all off when it’s said and done. I’ll continue my research and get a pen and paper ready.

You’re welcome. I hope I didn’t come off as being snarky or anything. People have their reasons for wanting to do magick and I just stick to trying to provide answers to the “hows”, not the “whys”…all of that being said, it might be a bumpy road trying to accomplish the goals you want in your post.

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No worries. I like people who tell it like it is. and regarding the work, I am not too attached to the outcome. He already wasted my day. It works then great. If not then another magical work goes on my spreadsheet to keep track lol.


Before you do this (and I am firmly in favor of revenge spells)…have you seen The Craft?

Sarah casts a spell to make Chris fall in love with her just so she can reject him. Chris is a predator who deserves worse. The spell works, but Chris becomes obsessed and it gets pretty messy.

Choose your wording VERY carefully.