I walked through the 7 Hells

Azazel, said I need to go through the seven gates and pass through the seven hells.
He told me to set my circle using the stones @RiseorDie gave me. And I needed my athame and two silver coins.

I also lit a candle. I go down the stone stairways …all the way to the bottom. And there it looks like stained glass doors …passing through those doors it is grey like an old black and white TV.
There is a river and a bridge …Azazel and I pass over the bridge and there are figures getting off a boat and going through a gate…
Someone drops 2 silver coins and Azazel tells me to pick them up, I will need them later.
I wonder if the river is the river Styx but I don’t know.

I walk up to the first gate and the keeper asks me why I want to pass? Azazel, tells me to tell each one that I need to pass each gate to face myself and achieve my destiny.

So I do the gate keeper wants my crown , the one the awoken one gave me. I give it to him and pass through the gate. Azazel, does not follow.

The first hell feels like Ashes falling around you like Snow and covers the ground.

I reach the second gate. The keeper asks the same as the first, I reply the same.

He wants my robe the new one the awoken one gave me. I give it to him and pass through the gate.
The second hell is like fire under foot and soot everywhere.

I keep going til I reach the third gate. Again I get asked why I need to pass and I repeat what Azazel told me to say.

The 3rd gate keeper wants the ring I got for my birthday, I give it to him and I pass through

The third hell feels like smoke thick and smothering. I keep going.

I find the fourth gate … we ask the same question same answer. He wants the stone Lucifuge gave me… I give it to him and pass on through …
This hell is dark and smothering. …
I continue to the fifth hell and the keeper wants my crown Baelzebub gave me … I give it to him and move through the 5th hell.

This hell is pitch dark and strange noises can be heard in the darkness.
Along with the smoke and heat.

I reach the 6th gate … the keeper wants my collar I wore for Azazel, which for me is the equivalent of a wedding band. I give it to him…
The last hell is dark so dark and smothering I crawl on my hands and knees and try to find the last gate…

I find the last gate… but I don’t what I have to give I have nothing.
I look and just beyond the gate. .I see Azazel, laying on an altar.

No no no… I cry …I won’t do it… I can’t do it… there must be another way… there has to be another way.

The gatekeeper, speaks Arianna , don’t you know he knew what would be at the seventh gate… what you would have to sacrifice. He wanted it to be you.

No no… I sink to the ground… I’ll just stay in hell…
The gate keeper speaks … so your gonna stay in hell.

Just as he sacrificed you so you could ascend you must do this so he can descend.

But it hurts so much.

Yes that’s why it’s called a sacrifice… Otherwise it’d just be an offering or gift. Sacrifice hurts.
Why? What will he gain? Knowledge, power, strength??

All of it and then some Arianna, you must do this.

The ladder goes up and down , this is your test, and his. He has things waiting for him.

How will he come back?

Aren’t you his light Arianna, all he has to do is look for it, your light will bring him back when it’s time.

Can I do it quickly?


I step up to Azazel and drive the dagger through his heart… something comes up out of the darkness and grabs Azazel dragging deep into a dark abyss… I run after him about dive in when the gatekeeper grabs my foots and drags me back you cannot go Arianna …you cannot this is Azazels journey…

Look he’s the ferry boat… Azazel made sure you had coins to pay the ferry boat…
Azazel made sure you could leave… you have coins to pay the ferry man…and I remember @charles9 and what he said about Azazel not being a prick …he would make sure I could get out … Azazel is always there for me…
And I hear this

The gatekeeper puts me on the boats… and says besides it’s time to go queen for queen…Belial??? Belial???

The ferry leaves… and somewhere floating on the water I hear mine and Azazels song play


That’s actually pretty interesting. I’ll tell you why in Kik.

Hm. I’ll Kik you

Good job.

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Thanks but I need a break …

It’s beautiful how they let you know they are there with their music.

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Should note that I felt like I was drunk after this and barely made it to my bed to lie down…

My head was swimming for a while.

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A bit off topic but my dagger is identical to yours.

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Oh that’s cool

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Hes gonna be okay Arianna.


I just worry about him :cry:

And I couldn’t go…

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He’s definitely had a higher vibration lately too.

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It was for his own Ascension, baby girl. You couldn’t follow him, just like he couldn’t follow you. We all have different trials to complete, and while mentors and guides can point the way, we ultimately must walk the path alone :sparkling_heart:


I know Daddy, but it still was hard . … :heart:

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While I was walking through one of the Hells …I found a sea turtle. I couldn’t make sense of it

Why was I seeing a sea turtle in an ashy hot , place …
But then today at work there was a stuffed toy sea turtle mysteriously sitting at customer service.
So I looked it up. Makes sense now why the sea turtle came to me.

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You’ve been getting a lot of shamanic-esque themes in your path lol


Yes but did you read it… it really fit with what I was going thru I could see why the sea turtle showed up now.

Azazel said I would find things to help me… they are still surfacing

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I know… But know that he will be. He came and woke me up at 5am and he was very different. Bigger. Stronger. You helped him a lot. I wondered what had happened and then I woke up to see your post. You did him a huge service. Be proud of that.

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Thank you that does make me feel better :heart:


I found this interesting

My light my star … my symbol … is the eight pointed star …

You can see it here on my seal

Oh and Ishtars temper. … sounds like some one I know :joy::joy:

The lions… the star, the light. . :thinking:

And Anu was her father. … I woke up Anu

I did. It makes sense.

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I was in deep meditation and realized I need to go back through the 7 hells.

I need to learn who each gatekeeper was. Belial was the seventh …

I’m going back in. :metal:

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