I tore my psychic field open need help for defence

Hey i over used meth and adderall and it tore open my psychic field now anyone can come in. Please help

I think its still open but i cant hear them because im sober now.

I was psychically attacked too. :frowning:

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I’m not aware that you can “tear open” the “psychic field” whatever that is. Who told you that? You were more sensitive in a different state of consciousness for a while, now you’re not.

However, you probably did attract parasites.
Cleanse with salt water, smudges and intention, take salt water ritual cleaning baths/showers, do any banishing ritual you like if you know one - do it with feeling and it doesn’t matter which, and clear any parasites that attached to you.

Don’t panic. They’ll love that: don’t feed them, keep an even keel and avoid the bahviour that attracted them in the first place or you’ll just get more.

The idea that drugs can “tear” open your psychic field is as far as I know not true. Your psychic field or better yet your auric field is a reflection of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. It doesn’t “tear” open and anyone can technically get it based on skill and other mundane things such as getting to know you. You can look weaken said field if one or more of the aforementioned things are messed up.

But psychic attacks aren’t blocked by that field, they’re blocked by active shielding make for specific purposes.

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Drugs do fuck with your etheric bodies and this is what he probably meant. If I were you I’d do prayers to God and Archangel Micheal. Seriously, I know this forum is about dark occultism but this is what he needs.

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I don’t think it does, unless you adopt the belief it does, as in belief manifests the experience. The etheric body isn’t harmed by what you do to your physical body, more what you do to your etheric body when doing energy work or projected.

As for the rest, there are a handful of people who have worked with Michael, majority here don’t shun angels.

Rungr, I think there is a correspondence between esoteric bodies of men. I think everything that you do to physical body affects all the remaining bodies (ethereal, astral and other ones). If he does drugs they literally cripple your etheric body. I say this from 1-st hand experience. That’s why I think doing psychedelics is a dead path. This is not only a case of beliefs. These substances are harmful

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Of course, if you believe doing drugs will do such to your energy body it will, however, the idea that drugs are harmful to the energy body is an adopted belief regardless. A person can remove the belief and do such all they want and their energy system would be fine. However, physical, mental, spiritual, and/or emotional health affects the auric field, but the etheric body not so much. Then again some people ‘believe’ the aura is the etheric body which I tend to disagree with but eh.

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Speaking your terms, yes aura is etheric body literally, what else can it be? I define etheric body as the “body” that resides in the quintessence the 5th element. But speaking of drugs there is just one justified case to take them: when you are a shaman and have the permission of spirits to take psychedelic drugs to have a shamanic journey and I never have heard of the case when it was other drug than a psychedelic (and he mentions some classic drugs). And even this justifications are very rare. But I know there are different kinds of people, I dont want to impose my belief system onto yours.

I just said what the aura is, but no it’s not the etheric body. However, I do not adopt the newly brought up belief that drugs do such to a person. Of course, I am speaking on experience & belief so it might not apply to others. So no worries, on imposing.

I got this information from: https://www.google.com/amp/s/sikatriz.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/using-meth-will-make-you-psychic/amp/


I need someone too tell me exactly what to do… i will try to pray to god and michael and do the energy cleansing baths and such thank you for those suggestions.

I suggest you , except for the prayers I mentioned, try to relax deeply, maybe try to spend one or two days in bed in home, just try to relax, meditate and focus on yourself. Try to get back to balance