I think there is something sinister in my house

It keeps moving stuff around… And no, its not me hallucinating, things have actually moved.


What makes “moving stuff” sinister?

Do you get feelings of dread, of being not wanted in there, do you get scratches, nightmares or attacked in other ways?

Just moving stuff around could mean something or someone trying to get your attention. You can talk o it telepathically, through a pendulum or you can just ask it to leave by stating that out loud.

If that doesn’t work you can try a banishing.


I would second what Mulberry said. The big question to me is how does it Feel? In my experience, if its something sinister, it feels sinister throughout my system, its a very visceral thing.
Of course your sensory apparatus may present differently.


Does it leave you after you ask it to leave? Also, you can try to speak to it directly and ask to communicate other ways. You can also ask simple yes/no questions. If it does not do what you ask and doesn’t respect boundaries you’ve clearly put up, it’s most likely a parasite. You can also ask your spirit guides what’s going on, if you have some. * Based on personal experience *


Spirits that haunt this place. Come into me


That’s a pretty baaad idea, unless you are properly prepared to handle possession.


@jbkbmz has been here for over 9 years and knows exactly what he’s doing, and has done this many times.

Don’t you worry, he’ll be fine. :smiley:


““Knows exactly what he’s doing. He’ll be fine””… ( Can always hope ). haha


Dude, you’re the next EA. Didn’t he do that? Whhhew!

What do you do with all that entity? You eat ‘em like a vampire or something?


I let them come in, possess me, ride me ( piggy back, carry them with me ), feed through me through the universe, energy feeding, and, if they want, mate with each other in me. I am the ‘blind’ bed chamber and bed. ‘Blind’ meaning their sexual affairs is ‘their’ business, not mine. I am just the chamber for them to do ‘it’, as they wish. . And, no innocent entities harmed, raped in any way. This way everyone is happy, and safe. And, of course, I take my chances. I REQUEST of them, no demanding, commanding, none of that nonsense. And they can come and go as they please.


So you’re a haunted house, basically. A welcoming, nonjudgemental host.

This is mindblowing. Truly! One of the most unique things I’ve heard of in a very long time. I don’t want to derail this thread by asking too much here, but thank you for sharing this!! I’m definitely going to read many of your other posts to learn more.

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I do not know how successful I am. I am not very psychic. I do know I am being guided on what I need to learn. I sense a presence quite often. But that is, in many cased due to someone in the flesh and blood human body, watching me, so I sense their bio electricity, aura, energy field. That has happened many times, so I know it is accurate. As far as when I am alone, when I sense being touched on the astral, and feeling something around me, not sure if that is flesh and blood thinking about me somewhere else, or if it as entity around me. Again, I am not that psychic.