I think Lucifer hates me

Few years back I chose to drop any path I took and focus on religion. Mine is Greek orthodox with a catholic mom that is scared of her own shadow.
After a mass I was contemplating on the fact that God wants us to repel all evil and Lucifer can manipulate you and is powerful.
That night I went to bed thinking No he can’t just do whatever he wants… I refuse that.
I had a dream that I cannot forget till today!
I was tight to a pole. Or a tree. But had no chains.
Lucifer on my right… I handsome tall pale man with black hair and a dreamy smile. To his side 3 men that I don’t know but I felt as if they were his companion.
He was inflicting a sever pain on me which I was apparently actually screaming from even in my sleep.
And said in a very clear loud voice… “I can do whatever I want… who are you to stop me?!”

I have to admit that dream made me respect him even more but till today I tried to make my peace with him but failed.
I need his help and he knows. But making me take the very very long hard path for it.
I think that’s why no demon wants to help me unless tasked by someone else.


I think this is less about the spirits not wanting to work with you as much as parts of your mind battling each other.

Think about it for a minute: part of you wants to work with demons, no questions. But by allowing yourself to be surrounded by those who view that as being the path to hell (no pun intended), it plants a seed in another part of your mind. It is one of fear, and the beauty of the whole damnation mind control game is that it plays the human need for survival. Instinctually, we want to avoid death and pain, hence why we experience fear. This plays out in other aspects of life, including how spirits manifest. Essentially, if you view demons as beings of torment that will only give you pain (whether it was originally your thought or another given to you in the situation of religion), that is what will happen to you. The only solution is to face that fear and do something extremely mad in order to break it, such as offering up those thoughts that bind you as a sacrifice to the entities you fear. Or at least that is what Belial taught me.

Just my two cents, and I apologize if it came out a little raw. I’ve had to deal with a similiar problem in the past.


That’s what I was going to say.

You really need to learn more, gain more knowledge and take a decision with all factors in mind. Lucifer is a very kind spirit and I don’t think he cares too much what people think of him, because he knows what and who he actually is. I believe you should learn about his real self a bit more.


I wasn’t scared.
That’s the point… I was trying back then to stand up to him in a way maybe. And the pain I felt I knew then that it was him showing me how powerful he is. The place I was in was no hell. In was as if in the middle of the prairies.
That dates years ago and ever since this dream I tried to find so many answers and changed my own path because of it. Or probably got into the right one!?
I don’t believe it was a coincidence. It was a message I had to decode over years. I’m still a newbie must admit that at least.


Dreams are my speciality, i can really do a number on you there if you crossed me here in this life or where talking shit about me. DON’T INSULT THE GODS PERIOD.

You must have done something, Lucifer is very compassionate and loving most of the time but he can go really bat shit crazy over the smallest of things sometimes , very tempermental.


I know how to make it up to him, have a ritual bonfire and make him many offerings, he likes most drugs, also mario and zelda games from most handheld devices, cheep cigars, some blood, yours or animals. Do your summoning ritual as usual but us aluminum foil as part of that ritual, make all those offerings and ask for forgiveness and i’m sure he will come around. Hes more new age and in touch with this generation than the old type everyone’s so used to. Hope its works for you, its not cheep but hey.

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How do you know???

Him hating you

Mario and zelda games :joy::joy::joy:


From the sounds of it, hes a really religious person and like most are very inept or clearly not very knowledgeable of their true spiritual power, he met Lucifer on a spiritual plane and confronted him about his power, in those realms,Lucifer takes challenges very serious and is a fucker for holding a grudge, omg does he hold a grudge. Thats what i take from it.


Just one tiny thing. I’m a girl :innocent:
And I was trying the path of religion till a very huge turn of events.


Yeah he doesnt fight with girls really and takes what they say really personally, probably hurt his feelings lol he can be a real baby when it comes to the opposite sex, though you lucky , a few years ago he’d have just grabbed you and had sex, don’t do that anymore lol


How do you wanna make it up to me hunny haha lol

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Still can not get the point of Mario and Zelda games. This must not be serious.

Lucifer is unlikely to actually hate you, you can just apologize if you feel you wronged him in some way, like the actual Lucifer isn’t petty like that. When it comes to dreams take it with a grain of salt and best to not let some rando bullshit you into telling you what you dream means without questioning it.


Parental control and influence can cause a huge amount of stress and this sounds like a stress related dream from your subconscious meaning you are tied down and searching for freedom with your beliefs. That you wish you had more control and are tired of your parents or mother’s pressure or persistence.

The fact that you feel pain in the dream and even when you wake up you still have the impression that you are feeling the same way you felt while dreaming means that you are disregarding serious problems or pressure to do something that you dislike and do not want to do.

And said in a very clear loud voice… “I can do whatever I want… who are you to stop me?!”
This isn’t Lucifer but you and your own mind rebelling.

These dreams are showing you that you should be cautious of the mistakes you have made and want to move forward with your own decisions and control in the future.


Imagine Lucifer was actually alive today, what sort of things would new age Lucifer be in to, we live in the age of technology now, we aren’t talking about middle ages Lucifer who liked dead goats and brass candle sticks. or whatever.

An apology works in any age if lucifer was actually mad at them.


Here is a thought. What if the reason that you can not make peace with Lucifer for what he did to you is because he is not the one that did it? Just a thought…


Good thread, lots of good thoughts here👍

It is interesting and probably important that you didn’t hate Lucifer after that dream. You were supposed to be a good Christian girl. That dream should have completely freaked you out.

Dare him again if that’s what it takes. You have power. Millions of Christians deny Lucifer every day. He responded to you because that powerful meditation you described was real good shit. He felt that.

You don’t need to be rejected by a god or demon. You aren’t some tag-along worshipper in a white robe. Banish Lucifer from your life until he shows respect. Work with a completely different spirit from another culture who’s never heard of Lucifer. Shiva comes to mind, also Freya.

That won’t happen though. He’ll come through.