I think i have a parasite

So basically what the title says. what are the symptoms that one may have, will banishing and warding send it away?

Hope this helps





I think i read somewhere that they come back after a while that is why i asked

Not if you banish and put up wards


Ok thanks

Do you have a parasite? I could do something

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I am not sure but i don’t have a way to identify it either.

Alright, let me see

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Yes banishing will send it away and wards keep it that way

Ok I spoke to Yahweh and some Archangels, let’s see

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Ok, 2 Archangels stood next to you, you had what looked like a goblin

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Ohh okay do you mind if i ask what goblins do?

Does it look like a small kinda dark child?

I don’t know, but he came to me and was angry, but now he’s gone, I didn’t kill him tho

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Thanks for the help i start to feel better now.

Good. I had a question because I was curious, did you do something to attract the goblin magically? Or do you live near forest and nature? Did you go to a forest or nature recently?

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I don’t live or go to forests or nature in general i live in a city. And about the other thing i am not really sure but i think its because i used an app called necrophonic 2 months ago and after about 1 minute of use an image of something that looked like a small child sitting right next to me flashed through my mind. The next morning a family member got a high fever out of nowhere then he didn’t respond when anyone talked to him and his face was full of foam.
That caused me some trauma and lately even tho its been 2 months my body was shaking and i was feeling drained

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