I think I get it now...The importance of Gender

In the past, I was an androgynous child (teen, too). I had expressed both masculine and feminine energy. To me, acting upon just one of these was not natural. I could not understand other children and teens. How could they express only masculine or feminine? Why is it wrong for a man to lack femininity?

I had these thoughts until I got indoctrinated that I should be a manly man. And, sure enough, I suppressed my feminine side and focused primarily on the masculine. I adopted the belief that transgender people are mentally ill, and similar bigotry.

Needless to say, I broke down. More than once. I felt so terrible.

But the more I practice magick and study the occult, the more I realize how wrong I was. But, more than anything, my spirits had opened my eyes fully. I can’t thank them enough for that. And so I rediscover my androgyny, only to find that my magick and everything else in life is far more potent than ever before.

After all, Thaumiel is the twin-faced androgynous god. Many of the gods / demons are androgynous as well. To me, being one-dimensional (only feminine, or only masculine) is a nice way to limit yourself and your progress. It’s also a good way to enter a shallow validation chasing as well as a ghost chasing loop.

That is all.


I know how you feel bro,
I sometimes might do something that looks slightly feminine, and get awkward looks.

I’m not gay, but I ain’t no manly man whos insecure about his appearance so he gets jacked up in the gym to only feel more insecure so he can feel more alpha.


Irony :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I’m right there with you both. I’m exceedingly in touch with my emotions, but I also command the respect of an “alpha”.

Here’s to being us!


Because what you are doing does not align with people’s biological “programming.” Shaming men into being only masculine, and shaming women into being only feminine is a way of controlling the populace, really. You do you, man. Who cares what the muggles who blindly obey their “program” think? Take a look at the gods and goddesses (demons and demonesses), a lot of them if not all are androgynous. Satan, Lilith, Lucifer being notable examples of this.

Going to the gym is fine, if you are doing it for the right reasons. Healthy, self-improvement, strength, beauty (if you value it for yourself), etc. Going to the gym to get laid or something is so monkey-like tbh. xD

Being in touch with your intuition is also very important. The alpha thing, though, is too bestial. We strive to be gods, don’t we? Sooner or later we’ll have to abandon such causal, primitive concepts and behavior patterns.



Well, I’m a beast god :wink: I’d rather embrace it

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For now. Once you become immaterial, you will transcend it. You might get a strong sexual, and destructive energy in the future, but that’s as far as it will go, I’d say.


Very very true. Guess we shall learn what ascent shall bring :slight_smile:

Here’s to us gods, once again.



I’ll also be more active on the forum btw. The thing I told you in the PM no longer applies. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, not entirely.


Yay! Welcome back brother!


Thank you, it’s good to be back!


I’m a man with a strong vibrating masculine side, but I am also getting a stronger and vibrating feminine side. Girls really seems to flock towards me now, I can easily connect with them due to my feminine side and seduce them with my masculine side.


Yeah, you’re much more powerful when you keep the two energies balanced. Can’t say I experience the same things as you do, though, because I keep a low profile, and avoid interacting with girls outside of necessary formalities.

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The fusion of the masculine and feminine should be primarily an internal one in my humble opinion. I’m not saying a man shouldn’t express feminine behavior, However there comes a certain point beyond which that person becomes incredibly awkward to be around.

Personally, if I wanted to explore or express femininity, I would prefer to change my outward appearance accordingly.

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Feminine energy =/= putting on a dress, skipping around and being flamboyant. Let’s get that out of the way first. Feminine, in occult context, does not mean womanlike or flamboyant or anything of that nature.

having an abundance of feminine energy can lead you to be very passive and submissive. you’ll lack that penetrating force (a.k.a. masculine) to DO something. to push your will into the cosmos.

feminine and masculine energies manifest themselves in humans primarily in decision making and a narrow domain of actions (which does not include acting like a literal woman).


My take on this is that while balance is important, most of us have a predominant side. Instead of fighting your own nature to achieve the perfect equality i believe that using that side which is naturally stronger and sometimes correcting it with the lesser one is the way to go in magick as well as in life. For example im the cringest alpha male i know: i am so territorial i could piss on what is mine just so others stay away, i get jelous very easy which in turn can lead to aggresion, i stand my ground even if it might result in me gettin my ass kicked and i know that judt for the sake of standing my ground. Some entities like that just as some humans like it. Obviously the problem is what to do with those that dont, and my solution for that consists in small corrections with my feminine side such as being more forgiving , letting things slide for the sake of another or sometimes simply thinking more before acting.

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Ah, ok. it’s just that I associate being feminine with the outward display of feminine behavior. Thanks for clearing that up.


Hm, I do agree but there are caveats here. Like for example as LHP magicians we strive towards isolation and self-deification in lieu of unity. Humans inherently are programmed to strive towards unity and stuff. As LHP magicians we do have to fight our animal nature to some degrees.

Tbh, I am not sure how much of the things you described are genuine parts of your being, the soul. They could all be manifestations of your physiology.


You didn’t make a mistake, necessarily. There are outward displays of feminine behavior such as being inactive or perhaps submissive, for example. Passive. Too much absorbing, not enough imposing. Appearance, however, like the way you look, is relative to your biology, and thus not a manifestation of the feminine energy, I’d say.

Look at female hyenas for example. They have an abundance of masculine energy.


It might be just biology and testosterone overdrives at work, but i am a firm believer that the soul makes the person which in turn makes the body. Don t think i m massive, im 1.8m and around 80 kg so maybe a bit bigger than the average 18 yo male but im not like a body builder. And unity is the purpose i use my corrections for, if anybody acted as primal as they could the law of the jungle would apply and everything would be a zoo without walls. But back to my point, constantly fighting my nature was an ordeal, i tried it and i was misserable. Probably someone with a smaller difference between the two parts might find it easier tho. It also depends heavily on what you consider being feminine and masculine, i use animals mostly as a point of refference because they they display the traits as blunt as they can be displayed imo.

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Yeah that’s a bit close to what I believe.

Yeah same here. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to tell what is your nature. I personally do not think biological manifestations are one’s own true nature. The soul is.

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