I Suck so Hard at Grounding

I’ve tried the “youre a pretty tree, grow roots into the earth!” technique…

I’ve tried the “yer a fucking dragon, harry! stick yer tail in the core of the earth!” technique…

i still feel so burned out every time after i do anything magickal…

wtf is a bitch to do??? :frowning:


Do you normally wait till you’ve finished your workings and then ground after?

If that’s the case you might want to consider grounding before you start… Make it a part of your meditation as you get into TGS - this way you will keep a stable flow of energy while you work, and if you find your energy dwindling mid-spell then you can always draw upon energy from the earth to keep you going…

Plus if you ground first, then you’re deepening the spiritual/physical connection which will also help your results come quicker - especially if you’re able to hold the vision of success in your mind while releasing the energetic frequency of your results into the earth…



There are some stones that will help with this. I would pull out my books and look but I have a very busy day today. Maybe someone who also utilities gemstones can list them off in my stead.


lol yes, maybe that was my vital mistake lol…

i’ll try grounding beforehand, thanks! ^.^ :heart:

hematite’s one of them c:

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have you tried grounding just whenever instead of before or after doing any workings? i do the roots reaching down into the earth’s core thing while i’m doing dishes or even just standing around having a smoke and it helps a lot


hmmm, no actually…

never occurred to me cuz i thought, well if I only feel like shit after a ritual, then i should ground immediately after a ritual… but yeah i’ll try this too! thanks :heart:


Obsidian is also good. Also if the ground isnt too cold just walking meditating barefoot for a bit or sitting on bare earth will ground you over time. I do so for about 10-30 mins depending on how much i thing i need to ground myself.

With these to a simple breathing exersise can be used instead of a grounding visualisation if your having issues there. When connected physically to the earth in these ways the energy naturally starts to flow.

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several centimeters of snow here, so… lol

nah, i might be a noob in every other aspect, but visualisation-wise, i probably take the cake with ease… i feel lucky in that regard. i can visualise anything (including an entire scene) with detail and clarity, and then also imagine a second, or third separate thing at the same time, also with detail and clarity…

it’s doing literally anything else that’s posing a problem atm lol

but everyone’s offered great advice here and i will definitely keep trying! :slight_smile:


Do something physical, like take a run, workout, do 10 push-ups.

You can also eat something protein heavy, like meat.

Or even just lie down on the ground.

If you are naturally an analytical, overthinking type, just let your mind go wild on some topic that is not related to magick. That will pull you down quickly.


I was taught to ground buy putting my hands flat on the Earth and basically planking and pushing extra energy out always worked for me


Eat a porterhouse after ritual.

This is entirely to easy. Grounding is supposed to be done AFTER your working. You dont want to be planted in your body when you are trying to be spiritual that is counter productive.

As you finish your working keep your eyes closed. Start at your feet and feel the connection bw your feet and ground. Wiggle your toes a bit. Then bring your attention to your ankles, calves, and thighs. Flex them and move them around. Continue to bring this attention and movement up your body until you have your full awareness back to your body. And to seal it, suck yourself back into your body and move it around. Then slowly hand up, open your eyes, and go do something that requires thinking


I dunno about that - whenever I have done workings without grounding first I would always end up with a headache or dizzy or there have even been times when I’ve drawn on so much energy that I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest…

And why would I not want to be planted in my body while I’m trying to work? How else am I supposed to manifest my (mental) desires into a (physical) world without a connection?


All good questions. Firstly I can say it is a good question and your points are valid ones.

The reason you are feeling so much tension and problems after your meditation is that your energy is flowing improperly through your body. Certain energy points are not meant to hold so muh energy. Like your head for instance will begin to create a cranial pump that can make one feel dizzy, this is sort of like a vacuum to relieve it from too mucb energy. We have natural systems to prevent a “short circuit” if you will.
With that I can tell you right away that too much energy is going to your head.

What we need to do is 1, be sure your feet are planted on the floor without shoes. Make sure your spine is straight and relaxed, and for the head problem be sure your chin is properly tilted straight so your gaze is parallel to the floor. Westerners tend to walk with their chin facing upward as we are taught to stand tall with pride. This actually creates a down flow blockage in the cranium so we must adjust this so the energy does not get stuck inside the head area.

When you feel the energy, and if you have dizzy feelings, bring your attention to your gut. The gut is a powerhouse for storing energy. Rather then THINKING VISUALS, try FEELING your thoughts and bring that energy to the gut area. This will bring much needes relief to the head, and you will not feel as light headed.


Sorry I missed the part about manifestation. Now doing magickal workings for manifesting realty and doing meditation for energy work are 2 different concepts.

The physical form that you say we require are our magickal tools. Incense, candles, herbs, talisman, etc. These tools are why we use them. They are the vibrational PHYSICAL LINKS that are used.


Thanks, but I’m familiar with grounding :slight_smile:

I just find that when I do it before I work then I DON’T have any problems as the energy flows more freely and I can avoid the headaches/heart chakra overload as there is a better flow in general…

I should have probably also mentioned that the majority of the magicks that I use is through direct energy manipulations. It’s very rare that I work with entities, so that might be the difference…

Also, I don’t like to ‘store’ energy - I prefer to let it flow as I feel like it’s that storing of energy that after a while causes blockages and stagnation - at least for me it does

And I do both as far as thinking the visuals AND feeling… which is again something that I think would be difficult to do if I wasn’t ‘planted in my body’…

And actually, upon rereading what you wrote, you’re basically… telling me to ground first before I do magick… lol :upside_down_face:

Eh, I guess you have your ‘tools’ and I have… myself

To each their own I guess :wink:

I would just hate to become dependent on ‘objects’ in order for my magick to work…

Magical operations burn up a lot of acetylcholine - the electricity of your nerve gaps are the primary fuel your astral body pulls from for magical working and will exertion in general. This burn-up causes the feeling of exhaustion. You can quickly reverse the effect by taking Alpha-GPC or CDP Choline.

Don’t feed your bio-energy into magical operations. They teach beginners to do that because beginners are the only ones inexperienced enough to think they can run around slinging death curses all over the place without karmic repercussions. So beginner-level material teaches you to pour your emotions and biological energy into magic because it exhausts you and makes it a lot easier for a more experienced magician to kick your ass if you do something stupid. Build up a surplus reserve of energy and spend from that without spending the energy you need for normal functionality.


If that works for you that is wonderful. Keep doing it. It just seems your way without grounding first is your way of preventing the issue. Your energy is flowing, because your grounded. Are you using energy from the earth or within yourself?