I succeed in everything... except love spells

Just depends on who you are around! Some people are super open to it and others are super afraid of it. Some people don’t believe it’s possible and don’t care that you do at all.

All sorts of folks out there!

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They’re not too great even when they do work sadly. They’re fun for a while but the persons will always seems to fight it and it makes you have to do another and another love spell every so often or they try to leave. Then eventually they do something that spoils you wanting them back since that’s their only escape. At least thats how it went in my case, just as Astarte warned. Results may vary

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Have you ever worked with Astarte, how did you reach it?

Astarte is truly an influential goddess, I would love to work with her and even make a deal with her.

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Yeah, I encountered her at first by trying to summon Astaroth of the Goetia. She appeared and explained that’s another form she takes but that she’s Innana, Ishtar, Astarte, and Astaroth, among other names she’s gone by. She’s extremely powerful, especially in love matters. That said, she warned me before I did about what I described above. She’s pretty easy to summon though, just how you’d summon other spirits. I’ve found she likes red candles annointed with rose oil as an offering.


I know Astaroth, but before that, I knew the divine asterte that I felt for the first time while trying to develop my astral senses.

He is truly a wonderful being that has always intrigued me. I was working on my love affairs, but a voice inside me made a sentence saying why don’t you call me. He had formed this sentence in the sense that the voice came from him,I always put off looking for him because there wasn’t even a wart to reach him,I don’t know that people use the astraoth seal to reach the astraeth, what I want is to reach this goddess directly.

and yes it can really be a nuclear option in love situations, making your target kneel before you.

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