I succeed in everything... except love spells

Health spells? Money and fortune rituals? A little extra boost to have legal situations go my way? No problem!

But love spells? NOTHING.

Ok tbh I cast a random, improvised, self-made love spell on someone a year ago and things have been fun, but it’s definitely not love.

Then there’s this other guy (FWB) I’ve been working on for 3-4 months, and everything backfires.
I swear I’m beginning to wonder if things would have actually turned out better if I hadn’t cast anything on him at all.

So the starting point was good. My target was not an ex, we were in good terms, and we were already having sex. Just casually dating.
Thing is, I was starting to fall for the guy, so I figured maybe I could give it a little extra push.

Spirit: Haniel (Magickal Seduction’s ritual 2 and NAP)
Intent: to turn my FWB into a relationship.
Result: I started to get obsessed and depressed. Target was unaffected.

Spirit: Amon
Intent: to make some specific women get away from my target.
Result: my target went on a trip with another woman and is starting to go on dates with several other women.

The heartagram spell
Result: made no difference.
In fact, I learned of my target’s trip with another woman right after casting this spell.

Spirit: Dantalion
Intent: to manipulate my target’s thoughts and make him open up to me
Result: my FWB started to fade away in communication and I guess he’ll just ghost me any time

These results were so, SO awful, that I’m wondering if perhaps I ended up sabotaging, through magick, something that could’ve otherwise continued to be good.

The last spell I did on this situation was in late December, and then I just stopped in frustration, watching everything get worse, and worse, instead of progressing.

Meanwhile, other spells on other areas (business) that I cast a couple of weeks ago are already delivering positive results.

But love spells? Nope. Nothing. Only backfiring.

Anyone else been in this situation?

My target is not spiritually protected, so that can’t be why. I was thinking of asking Sallos for help, but at this point I’ve grown scared of making everything much worse.


I have the same issue with love magick…
Everything else I cast manifests wonderfully other than love and romantic relationships…
I casted for my friends and family members not for myself because I just can’t see me with someone. Maybe that’s why I am failing in love magick?!

:expressionless: I gave up after someone got divorced… maybe if I’ve done nothing it would have been better…


Exactly my thoughts. I feel like all entities I called just trolled me and said “nope” with these results.

I tried reading Tarot to communicate to Haniel specifically, and I kept getting the Temperance card time and time again, telling me to wait.
I haven’t burned the bridge, but I keep seeing results totally opposite to what I intended, and it’s greatly discouraging.

(I used Tarot because honestly I don’t hear any voices from spirits.)

I don’t get how to make it work. Idk what to do anymore.

It’s not that people can’t be influenced, because love magick does work for some. It’s not the spirits, because they do work for many. It’s not me, because my magick on every other field does work, even my improvised love spells (without spirits) worked on other targets before. It’s not that the guy is protected, he’s not spiritual.

This is not an angry ex or anything. I don’t get it. And I really wish I could move on, but Haniel made me obsessed.

At least I just gave up and stopped trying weeks ago, but it still feels awful.

I cried to Haniel the other day while meditating on her sigil and asked her WHY, and to please give me a firm sign whether I should give up or not… and then my target called me immediately. Everything was great, but now he disappeared again.

I don’t get it.


Problem is, everything was great until I involved Haniel because I wanted to turn it into a relationship. Until then, everything was great…

And the others I cast my own improvised love spells on in the past, were definitely not compatible for me… but they still worked (to this day, even).

This. I remember I lusted for results before, but not for any longer than a month, and even then, it definitely didn’t feel as intense as it feels now (because I involved Haniel this time).

Maybe I’m also getting different results because I involved spirits this time, unlike the previous ones where it was just me and my energy?

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:thinking: try apologising to Haniel and withdraw your petition. Then do the spell solo and see if it makes a difference.
Do it when the moon is in Leo or Libra.


On top of that, Venus is retrograde until the end of the month, so it’s overall not a good time to cast love spells.

If I see the situation being the same or even deteriorating next month, I’ll cancel everything and do whatever I can to let it go.


I’m really glad it’s working for you!


I suppose you are a women,I see you call mostly males, see in love work it’s not a hit,and done,it is 7 to 21 days candle light, you must purify, now if wowen,it’s Venus Aphrodite, Freya,etc,in my experience Angeles not fast enough,in male well look guys experience in the section,but tat is my opinion I have call female spirts too,and it works for me ,maybe add a group of spirts to the same goal,


Mmmm so female spirits might work better for me?

They don’t really have genders as we do, but I think Haniel was female. And yeah… Angels are known to be rather slow, but Amon and Dantalion haven’t really done much at all (maybe they just don’t want to, or this might be their way to decline).

I’ll try Sallos next month if I don’t see any changes. He’s male but he corresponds to Venus and Libra.


A better question is, what are you trying to get out of a relationship?

Shared happiness and fulfillment, someone to share a future with, etc

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I strongly suggest you make a list of qualities you are looking for, don’t leave anything out. Demons love to figure out whatever it is you left out of your list. Or, as some people who have done a lot of dating say “the more I date, the list of things I am looking for gets longer and longer.” You don’t have to be too restrictive though, some things you may think you need in a partner, might be better off in a friend or in someone you hire. Also, much as people might want that “soulmate I go to for everything” connection, you have to remember in some places, half of all marriages end in divorce, so you don’t want to be stuck when your sole source of support goes goodbye.


I did just that a few years ago to manifest an ideal romantic partner. This guy ticks a lot of boxes, though not all, of course.

But in this case what I tried to do was something specifically targeted at this guy, so it’s not a new love spell.

I’d wait until Venus isn’t retrograde to try again.

Also, have you considered that you have some super high subconscious wall up that you might want to talk to a demon about or meditate about? Here’s an extreme example of what I mean, “I was bullied as a kid and don’t deserve love” type of mentality or subconscious block.

Have you read cards about why these things aren’t working out?


Open their heart, its all about the heart… to manipulate them. Manipulate yourself first.
Maybe dont even rely on demons in this first step.

I feel like there are two ways with lovespells:

Treat it like a curse, dominate target into being your puppet with all means, but deal with a broken person after. Most here do it for revenge anyway.
Really agressively, just break them. (I have never done it). Jars, bindings, hoodoo, intranquil spell etc…
Demons… death magick even.

OR get into their heart… by really appreciating something about them. What do you like about them? Is it genuine??
Really feel it. It will lower their defenses, and at some point they are open to your spell. Then transfer all your feelings into them until you dont obsess anymore. Use love and light to open the door and to break defenses.
I feel like so many who cast lovespells forget that they actually LOVE their target and what they love about them. They cast Lovespells without love.


This is super amazing advice! I’ve never been into love spells but these seem like awesome and powerful ways to go about them!!


My guess is you’re way too emotional towards this man, it’s affecting your magick. Also, are you still in contact with him while you do your magick?

You should try to work with Sallos but also try putting a little space between you and the guy, it might help you


Yes, my emotions are all over the place since I worked with Haniel.

We’re still in contact but instead of drawing him closer, these workings and spirits have only seemed to push us away from each other (he stopped talking to me every day, he’s seeing other people, etc).


I actually do love myself so that’s not much of a problem. I agree about Venus retrograde probably influencing this situation… it’s why I’m trying to avoid doing anything impulsive.

Every time I asked through the Tarot I got the Temperance card telling me to wait and be patient, but I can’t figure out why it’s backfiring this way.

Actually, before going to sleep at night I’ve been pulling my energy back from my target, because all this anxiety, attention, and thoughts placed on him are energy… my energy. It drains me daily, just to think of him, and it most likely fuels him. So I pull it all back every night and reclaim it.

If I send even more of my energy towards him… idk. It just won’t be good for him. All that energy, my energy, feels like it’s being wasted (less communication, he’s gettimg to know other people, etc).

Maybe that’s exactly why it’s not working? He receives my energy unknowingly and it’s fueling him…

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