I saw my past life and I highly doubt that

Hello everyone,
So i did a meditation which shows you about your past life. And the thing is I saw myself as krishna but I doubt that because he was a god and why would he be me? But when I was doing that, the experience felt so real that i felt like it was happening in current time. Especially the part when I died, I saw I had an arrow hit me in my right foot and I could feel the intense pain in my right foot like it had really hit me. Any thoughts on this?
Thank you.


Which method did you use if you want to share that?

Arguably, God is within all, so you saw that a part of you carried that current:

You being shown this may mean there’s some power for you in exploring this deity?


I used this method

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yeah i agree with that.

Was that a question or statement?

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A question, I can;t be certain if it’s correct and don;t want to start suggesting it is, but it’s a useful thing for you to investigate. I should have put “perhaps” in it, but was typing in a dash. :smiley:

oh its okay. So basically I was doing the meditation and i had not thought of krishna for months and the suddenly I see everything like a timelapse. I see myself as the virat swaroop, I see myself giving knowledge to arjun, I see my self holding the chakra, i see the war and i see my death and when i died as I was going up I saw every one bow down to me. Idk what that means.

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Well did you see him like a portrait or like you were living as him?

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I saw me as him. I was him.

It could of also been symbolic as in you could of been created by him, or you could of been a fragment of him that became it’s own being. If I were you I’d keep that doubt in the back of your pocket, it’s good to have when past life regressing, but keep diving into it and don’t let yourself reject what you see but take what you see with a grain of salt, divine it, and so forth.

Hell there’s 3 (as far as I know) Tiamat fragments roaming about where one is no longer her, while the other two have become “lesser” forms of the larger Tiamat fragment that didn’t reincarnate. They aren’t any less her just their own versions if that makes sense.

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Then how did you know the person you were was him did you guess by his looks of did you just knew it was him

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Yeah that could have been the case.

Okay i will try doing more research into it.

I did not understand that😅

Yo read this

That means you saw something that you are completely familiar with so what is the thing that you saw particular about him as you that you didn’t know about him before

past lives are a awesome thing honestly, especially if it turns out to be your core self/life.

Basically when Tiamat was killed by Marduk her soul fragmented so there a/are reincarnated Tiamat but as a fragment experiences separation from the whole it can become its own being thus its own whole, while another fragment can become its own version of the original self.

So while there’s a fragment of Tiamat not reincarnated there’s fragments of her that is.

So the idea of you being Krishna isn’t far out there it could very well mean you were a fragment of him or it was symbolic, so what I’m saying is don’t doubt the possibilities but continue to delve into it and collect as much information as you can if it is important to you.

I did not know that he died with an arrow in leg and later on i found out.

Ohh i get it now.

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Oh I think you should try it again and do so because you have been reading Geeta for quite a while it may have influenced you somehow if it’s him again you can try to summon him and ask

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And i also saw places i had never seen.

The funny thing with past lives is you have a lot of people claim different things when I’ve visited past lives I saw myself as a goddess in one as well as a ruler as well as a lounge singer in the 40s and so on so I mean I can’t say you are or aren’t since its your journey do I respect the vision you had yes do I believe you had this going by the terminology used yes I do but the core the connection thats your journey to explore and I promise you it will be beneficial for you to explore