I really want to sell my soul

I am 24. I don’t want fame or fortune. I just want to fix all my problems and live a better life.

Then you don’t need to sell yourself… Just practise magick


@DownwardSpiral so just to clarify, and I’m sure others will as well, selling your soul isnt really a thing. To achieve what youre seeking takes work and dedication towards magick as not only a practice but a full commitment unto changing your entire being and outlook on life. Magick can help, but its not a “I want blank, so here’s this thing that is utterly intangible and I’m not sure it does me any good, so you take it and give me what I want” its more making connections, with not only entities but with yourself.


But what I want to achieve is impossible without magic. I’m 24, dropped out of high school due to mental illness, (aspergers, adhd, depression, anxiety), and have never been able to hold down a job for more than a month. I’m half black and therefore it’s dangerous for me, being black and mentally ill in America, with the police brutality and all. I look and act too much like a weirdo. My life is going nowhere and at this point it seems like nothing’s gonna change at all. I tried self improvement, medication everything. At this point I’m not even sure if I’ll survive the corona virus because i live with my greedy parents who steal my benefit cheques so I have no money and can’t get a job. And I will have even less money when everything goes back to normal and they stop giving out the covid benefit bonuses. Honestly I believe that nothing short of magic can change the situation I’m in and I’m honestly ready to chip away my eternal soul just to be able to get rid of my mental illnesses and have a normal life like everyone else. This may sound desperate, but I want it to be as fast as possible too. Every day that goes by is another day of suffering so I want to get it over with quickly. Like in a week or so.

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OK breathe and relax…
YES MAGICK WILL change your life…
But it won’t do so in a week or so(now this is not bad news)…you will have to face yourself and this burden …your bad experiences are what resulted to this and of course it took time to manifest to this point…
Develop patience and rage… But direct this rage into spiritual research…
I want you to seek out Lucifer… Write down a letter to him just like you would to a, friend… With your intention and everything you have been through… Tell him you will work with him towards his goal and research about him… Ill look for a, video that’ll motivate you


Go to facebook and type infernal obelisk… Look for a, video named “why I chose, the left hand path and, black magick”…by c kendall


Can you spare $10? Pick up a copy of the book The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer or Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield on Amazon Kindle. The basic rituals in these two books are simple enough to do without requiring anything in the way of development of clairvoyance.

Work through whichever book you choose and ask for the things you want. No soul selling is required, and though it will take time, you can improve your life one step at a time.


I agree with DarkestKnight, some look to the extreme before looking at their other options and selling your soul doesn’t guarantee anything as many people don’t work their senses enough to even acknowledge the entity might deny their request.


Ok, I will try the books. I have a few more questions:

Is there anything I can’t ask for? What type of requests are considered to be impossible or unreasonable?

How will I know if my request has been denied and can I re-request the same thing after the first request is denied?

When can I expect to start seeing progress and change?

Patience is a virtue. Cultivate it. Real magick is not instant like it is in the movies or fantasy novels. There is the buffer of time here on the physical plane to contend with.

Ask and receive. If you do not receive after a length of time, then your spell failed. It’s pretty straightforward.

A billion dollars and a super model to throw herself at your feet would be pretty much out of the question for a beginner (and probably most seasoned mages too, come to think of it).

To become rich in a week, to bang the hottest celebrity tomorrow, to fly like Superman, to telekinetically hurl cars at your enemies, to transform into a beast or a vampire, or some other mythological being, etc. Basically, trying to become a comic book character.

A good rule of thumb for starting in magick is to think within your current sphere of availability. Begin with something that is just out of your reach at the moment, but that you think you could get with just a small nudge of reality. Then perform your ritual.

Don’t try to change everything all at once though. That never works and will just lead to frustration. Take it one step at a time and let your results build on each other. Do a ritual to alleviate your depression, for example, then do a ritual to bring yourself some extra money, and slowly, but surely, you will change your life.


Not cool and not legal on any level. You are 24 years old and this is flat out stealing. Get your own bank account in your own name and make sure your checks are going into that account. Don’t allow all your money to be just taken from you. If need be, if your parents require you to start paying rent work out an agreement that you can afford and such.

I would take it a step further and look into a spell where your parents are more fair and honest and dont want your money, where they feel an immense amount of guilt when they try to take it from you


Relax brother magick will help you out I believe…

6 weeks later, and nothing has happened, I tried the instructions in the book and my life is still the same. Did I do something wrong? How do i know if something went wrong

…might help some people to help you if you went into a little detail and outlined what you did, so others can gauge what went wrong, what possibly went wrong, if anything even went wrong, or what you can do to improve.

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time.

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The way I see it. Hard times are a blessing. I grew up with what I considered hard times and honestly still living through hard times. Definitely motivating. I could be wrong here. But I don’t think any spirit will want to help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. Having said that, Lucifer is absolutely amazing and may comfort you if you ask him to. You said you grew up Christian. I did as well. I now, am developing a friendship with Lucifer and a few others. My life hasn’t changed financially. But I do know that they are with me and that comforts me. I ask them for guidance daily. You can too when you find who you want to work with. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have an entire forum of people that obviously care enough to offer you advise and guidance. Stay plugged in to the community that is here. Your struggles will most likely be the catalyst you’ve needed to bring you to greatness. I will ask Lucifer to send his love to you. But you need to develope your own relationships and your own powers. Become a living God and change your reality.


Those books that @DarkestKnight recommended are amazing. I have just recently bought both of them. I to grew up christian my whole life. With that said I was led here. And eventually led to certain books and practices. It has been a about a year now, and my life has improved drastically. This takes time. It sounds like you are really going through a tough time, and I am sorry for that. These entity’s/deity’s do not want your soul. At least not in my opinion, With the research I have done. I am still very new to all of this. But if you put in a little effort and work, you will also be led to the answers you are looking for. Like how @DarkestKnight suggested two books that you should get. That is you being led. Trust the process. Look for the truth that is already Inside of you, but covered up with faulty indoctrination. You will be ok my friend. We are here to help each other. Blessings.:pray:

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As I have notice on BALG, the magic and opinions you can get is very broad. The magic books are indeed good. You and Me both need to build a library. Take it one step at a time. You may notice that different spirits are well …different. Forget about whatever you think you know about Satan and start with a clean slate with new friends(Spirits). By reading BALG, you’ll notice magic is broad. You get to choose first what kind of magician you want to be. You notice some mix magic with christian stuff… Others like Me see it as switching to a different side. To change from monotheistic religion(with brainwash and condemnation) where you obey religion that sometimes change with season to a new life of different reality this is meant change you. Dude seriously 1. Your own bank account. 2. Get the small income first. You can still share with your family. 3. Or perhaps your first step… you are who? If the Satan path then start speaking to Lucifer with a friendly, respectful conversation. So He is the boss right at the same time there are other spirits that specialize in money. I’m only on this path a short while. I’ve basically noticed some of that.


Oh… This path has some powerful miracles too you can healing too. Your mental illness for example. Each person here has their own issues. As I’ve noticed too, being influence by other people on this path is a given. Some of them can perhaps heal you or lead to … Who knows… Be specific who you talk you. Not only Spirits but people as well.


I have this big complex pact with Belial. Only now am I realizing what ridiculously hard things I have asked for, even though they do not technically break the so called “laws of physics.” And damn its taking a long time, but I never really though about how things would come about about.

Anyway, soul selling isn’t necessary, and really demons don’t care about “souls.” in fact many of them have their own value system and priorities. Be sure to read the thread below.

Experienced magicians debunk selling your soul

First things first, before casting any spells, I suggest learning some form of divination, Be that tarot cards or something else, because it will help you determine if casting a certain spell is a good idea and if it will help you in the long run. Members who have been on here long enough can also give free readings and there are plenty of threads on here devoted to that if you would like one.

Are you still interested in selling your soul?