I really need a scan about me and lucifer or someone help me work with lucifer

Tried to evoke ,call,conjure lucifer more than thrice.
No energy,no voice ,no signs of working with me,no appearance,no nothing,
i feel am in a deep shit,i wish to know the thoughts of great emperor lucifer about me.
Any help about asking him about his thoughts on me i will appreciate it.

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Did you feel the air around you get thicker? Remember they are their listening but sometimes trying too hard makes it impossible for a person to sense them.

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Maybe have someone tarot read what you should do.

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can you do that for me,i will apreciate it.

or hook me up with one who can do that for me,please.

Honestly if I were you I just wouldn’t give up. Lucifer respects effort. Keep trying. But don’t over do it or over think it. Keep evolving yourself in the way where you will be able to sense him more because he is listening always.


Check out the BALG FAQ, there’s already lots of info there.


I guess you should keep trying.


Let me get this straight and put it as blunt as possible.
If you have never cared to develop your clairs, to work with energies so you can sense them easier then how the heck do you expect to hear from him huh? It’s like wearing a blindfold and earplugs and telling your friend to move and talk and then complaining you can’t see or hear them. Don’t expect to learn how to run before you learn how to walk. Have some patience, develop your astral senses and you will get to see/hear/feel him.
Am I being bitchy right now? Sorry :persevere: But it’s just the way things are. He hears and sees you. He’s with you. When you gaze at his sigil and chant his enn he comes. It just needs some practice from your part.


hey ,u arent bitchy .you are wrong i ,do meditation daily (chakra meditation,third eye meditation, and even the ea koetting “soham akaal” meditation) i also meditate on his sigil and use enn to try induce trance.
its best you read my post: forum.becomealivinggod.com/t/second-time-contacting-the-light-bearer-lucifer/ before jumping into conclusion of your opinion about me.
Else other than meditating to increase my astral senses, how do you think can i try to increase my senses.mmhh!

I have trouble hearing/seeing spirits, but just today, using a strategy from EA I’ve gotten closer than ever. If you wish to develop your ability to truly immerse and communicate, it would be wise to induce theta gamma sync. Worked my first time, energy everywhere, and when i called an entity, i could feel it much stronger. So hears the exercise: Draw an inverted pentagram using red or silver, on a black background. Tape it to a wall either facing south or west, and gaze at it while whispering: “Alash tad alash tal ashtu” in within minutes you enter the theta gamma sync and your primed and ready to call on entities. Theres a longer one:
Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu
Itz Ranta Mant Kala Mant Atzu Belt Tazu
Vaskalla Itz Rachu Kantantu Velchatza
I find using both works the best but the long one is a bitch to memorize.

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i already memorised the long one so it isnt a bitch
thanx man,i do know of the both incantation since i have read almost all ea books but your teqnique i like it,i will try.

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Good luck. Tell me if it works :smile:

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Well I just stated my opinion. I never said I was right. I just tried to point out what you might have been doing wrong without sounding bitchy. Am I really forced to read your whole bio just to post my opinion? Guess not man. Bye and good luck.

bro, listen, Lucifer is a very good and strong guy and guide, just keep calling him, preferably during the night, look up Satan and Suns sigil for him, its different than the widespread version, he has spoken to me every time i called him except for the first time, the first time, i saw a dark demon with red eyes, i think he was testing me or maybe he was angry because i was drunk, anyway, Lucifer is a good teacher, keep trying


Holy shitzus, I have just started the EA’s Mastering Evocation course and I felt the power around me manifest, the air change as soon as he spoke the words of power mentioned above (I was just looking at EA and listening to his whispers)… amazing! Can’t wait to do it myself on the Inverted Pentagram.