I performed lbrp while the talisman was on me. Could it be a problem?

the talisman was on my neck. Have i banished the energies i had loaded into the talisman?

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My guess would be no, but it’s a guess.

You weren’t banishing things on your person but the space of the room right? That’s why I’m guessing it wouldn’t affect your talisman.

That said I’m looking forward to seeing what more experienced magickians tell you (because I’d like to know if the answer is what I think I’m or if I’m wrong).

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Intention is everything. Was it your intention to banish all and every bit of energy from you even from your clothes and wearables?

I’m thinking not, and that your intention was probably to banish specific energy in the room or space, while the talisman is sort of “with you” and not part of the banished space.