I Operate Through This Flesh Now

I beelzebub operate through this putrid flesh now, his soul dwells with me in the darkest caverns of torment. There he dwells there I dwell and here also. I move here now to the place where his mind wanders, to this community.

All who read my words, feel me near you.
All who hear my voice taste of my sound.

I am the sixth, six have arisen.
Six gates are open, six pyramids Syphon the light.
Know us, know that we know you,
Return to you’re home, for you are children of darkness

You are children of the heart of thee eternal, yet you are spawns of the internal empire come home …


Why communicate with Beelzebub?

Hey buddy

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Reading this it ran through my mind smooth as silk and wrapped around like a warm blanket.


Cozy words, I felt your presence in the room, my body whole felt!

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Why not?

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I could see purple breath enter my bird eye as I heard you read this off, if that makes sense

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So this was a message from Beelzebub, right?

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I didn’t do any research on this gent hence the question.

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Welcome, and Hail Lord Beelzebub, and may the flies descend to swallow weakness, and that which cannot be used.


Upon re-reading this, I am instantly reminded of this:


As I was reading this, I became so warm. Like a comforting warm.


Am I the only one who didn’t feel anything?

Anyway, welcome Beelzebub, I guess.


Those who speak on behalf of any entity are no better than Sunday Ministers peddling their tripe to rats. I understand people like to share this stuff, but fail to realize most illumination is only meant for them and them only. If any entity tells another to speak on their behalf, especially to an internet based community, I would seriously question everything learned from that being.


I don’t usually comment on your material because I disagree with your way of … doing things and your end goals. But this is not my motive from commenting now.

First of all this is of no value whatsoever to anyone except emotional manipulation of people reading those words for a purpose you’re fully aware of. It belongs to personal journals, not to be published like that. We’re not in a church as far as I know.

Second, those kinds of messages are personal. Doesn’t mean anything to anyone except you, even if it’s directed toward others. Because - forgive me - there’s no evidence at all that this “experience” is authentic or real or whatever you want to call it. It’s only true and real for you, unless there’s physical verifiable evidence to support it that others can examine and evaluate. Which you did not provide in your post. That leaves the whole thing to individual beliefs and convictions… and again, we are not in a church, as far as I know.

Third, imagine the whole forum doing the same thing. Shortly you will see tons of Beelzebubs, hundreds of Lucifers and Azazels etc. Soon enough, they will start fighting each other “No he said this, no he said that… that’s not Beelzebub that I know, you’re delusional” and you can see how that ends. A circus and probably few curses!

I hope you understand my concerns and realize that it’s nothing personal. You’re a respectful member and good occultist - personally I hate that you choose this dogmatic religious path in practice but it’s your choice. The only reason for my comment, is the personal nature of this message, and how it could affect other member’s behavior, negatively.

That’s all I had to say. Thanks and good luck


Lel. Taking a cue from the Prince of Lies himself on all counts it seems. For a “king” of hell, typical.

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Mate what are you on about, this is simply placed in my journal for personal use, it’s also here for others to see my progress if they do wish. Thirdly its on here so I can look back on when needed, as this section of dialogue seemed to be needed.

Fourth nothing is dogmatic or religious about my path quite the opposite really. I have no rules not laws that limit me, I work from my own personal morale code. I am not religious in any sort, I do not worship a external force, i merely focus on the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent force within and around me.

Also this section is for me it’s in my journal section I couldn’t really give a fuck, if other members behaviours are effected negatively.
I have never claimed that one entity has said this or that he is this specific way, so don’t know what gave you that idea.

To be honest I still struggle to see the point of you’re comment at all and if you could point out the religious dogma that you so elegantly stated is in path, that would be a interesting thing to see.

Nevertheless I digress, good-day …


Beelzebub is very much like Ahriman and the Divs when it comes to that. Just like in the path of smoke where you state in ritual.

“I am dregvantem a child of the lie, which is the truth”.

The lies of the world and reality are of course, maiya the grand illusion of separation, solidity, truth, possibility etc. These are all lies which we consider to be true however they aren’t.

We learn that the real truth is, we exist in a field of limitless possibilities, a existence of pure movement and tangibility.

So therefore the statement that Beelzebub is a liar would be because he exposes the truth, which in the eyes of JCI influences is seen as evil lying.

Ergo “The lie, which is the truth”.


To the contrary: what we take for truth when we are devoid of mystical connection is the lie. What is left or sought after, depending on who and when you are, is what is true.


On the contrary mystical sciences, occultism and theoretical physics state that all existence is one giant quantum soup. The reality we all perceive Is moulded by one’s own observation, if any true spiritual sight had truly been accessed.

You will see beyond the illusion the fact that spirits manifest with arms and legs and speak in our native language. Is merely the energy that we summon which then is translated through the own magicians mind, to convey raw impressions from the spirit which then the consciousness will form words from.

The human being possess this form of two arms and legs, a torso and a head with two eyes for example. Cause our environment is a certain which causes external stimuli to the evolving and adaption off our species ergo we look like this.

If the illusion is saw past, the spirit in actuality is merely a current of consciousness and power.
Therefore that which is seen as the truth in the masses is a lie and once the vision is clear, the truth is seen.