I need to get back my EX

Hello there, i need some guidance about my problem.
i hope someone will help me to give some suggestions.

So im here having some romantical problem about my lover, our relationship so far so happy we are happy together, however her ex come back again and propose him to be enggagement. my gilrfriend doesnt want to be with him, but his family seems to acept him. The problem begin to overwhelm everythings, my gf always reject him and going to fight everyday with her family until she had been given unchoices choice. Her father and her moter starting to act like childs, and told her " if you dont get married this year we will suicide.

she told me that she is frustating againt this conditions as well, so she made her mind to accept the mariage even tho she tells me that she really love me. she asked me to stop comunicated with her, because she felt she never a had a chance to choose by herself, its all some kind of family decision
and after that, she asked me for never contact her again, because she thought that if i contact her will be a big promblem that facing up towards us. .

so there are some questions that i wanna to ask please help me

  1. i already doing somework with Astaroth, Asmodeus, Sallos & Dantalion. i offer them my blood and some incense, and i did the ritual ( sigil magick) for maybe every night. my questions are, are my ritual going well and to fullfill my favor? am i correct to choose are those spirits?

  2. i wanna curse that man who steal away my gf from me, and i using asmodeus and astaroth. my question is, are astaroth and asmodeus exel in that?

  3. i need some powerfull ritual to separated them apart, can anyone give me some spell or methods?

  4. i did some banefull magick to that man who steal away my gf, im using paper vodoo doll by the name of asmodeus to curse that man, is my method going well to do the banefull magick?

thanks for everyone that willing to answer my questions, and thanks for this forum. love you all, from indonesia.

My opinion, the real problem is her parents.

Why do they favor the ex over you?

I don’t see why your focused on the other guy.

Asmodeus is definitely a good choice against the ex


Just to check, did you ask her parents if you could marry her instead and they said no? Or did you want to just keep her as a gf when they want her married off?


I dont know sir, in asean country theres so many still conservative typical asian parents.

Because i think i need to give somebanefull magick to him that i hope will gonna making conflict between him and my ex.

Awright sir thankyou, im going to keep the work with king asmodeus

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Yea sir, i did ask her parent and in the begining i got the gud answer. I dont know what things that man and his family offer to my ex parents, i think my ex parents just sell her like property.

I and her want to married this year, but this problem hapens.

Nah so i need to give them “special ultimate prize” for making shit out of me, any suggestion of banefull magick, separation magick and demon work with it sir?

For now i have two goals,

first i need to making up my ex to be more lust and love with me

Second, i need to separated my ex and that man

Any other suggest sir?
Thanks for the reply :pray:t2:

Hmn, I see. I think you want your rival to not be an option, and at the same time do a wealth and career working for you, that will make life easier in any outcome.

Your lady sounds like she’s trying to do the right thing and obey her parents at the expense of her happiness, so I don’t think a lust/love working will make a difference other than make her more stressed and unhappy. She’s just trying not to make waves.

I would do what we call a layered working: do a number of things that separely address the different aspects of the situation:

  1. a persuasion spell or sour jar on her parents that your rival is a bad choice and they argue and don’t like him anymore. A petition to Paimon or Dantalion is also common for this, but there are many techniques available for this.
  2. a banishing on your rival to send him away. Don’t worry about how so the options are left open, he coukd get sick, he could get a job with a startup that makes him too busy for a wife, his parents could get sick and need his time, any number of things.
  3. a sour jar or other breakup spell on the rival/both so that he doesn’t want your girlfriend thry argue and he thinks she’s ugly and repellant. Then the banishing will give him the excuse to back out gracefully without hurting feelings. And again, Paimon/Dantalion are good as it’s only him that needs persuading, sounds like.
  4. a wealth and career spell for you si no matter what happens your life improves: for this I recommend a petition to Ant’harratu from the book of Azazel.

you have to stop thinking that way and think logically here…that guy may truly be innocent and just some random guy that was sought out by a match making service, he may not have any ill intention against you or in general at all, just a regular guy. The issue seriously is her PARENTS. You have to find a way to make the parents change, NOT the guy the guy is irrelevant. If you end up dwelling in your anger like this and toiling in rage and jealousy over this guy you don’t know of, I don’t think it would end well for you es

Hello sir, first of all she asked me to help her out because she said she love me and only me that she want. She did bad with that guy like arguing everydays and etc to make she separated from that man too.

Yea forsure i want o give some banefull magick for her parents too for sure


after 2 days nonstop ritual with king asmodeus, my ex call me and fucking damn crying. She told me that she miss me so much and she keep arguing over and over again with her parents.

I just want to said that thanks for everyone that giving me advice for advance and ill keep doing this, i dont want to be shit alone in here.

If im going to be shit, everyone in my case should feel the same way like mine. They take mine the ill take yours.