I need some serious explanation

I have a friend that on numerous occasion
Who we saw sleeping on his bed at times
And we would see him walk into the bathroom yet he is on his bed still sleeping . At first we was like what the fuck ? Nah that can’t be but then another night his mom saw it too and his brother saw it as well
We told him but he said he is not aware of this and was afraid

His mother was doing a reading for herself when the diviner told her you have a son
That can do a double take with out him knowing this when asleep

I’m sorry for this explanation but I don’t know how to explain this especially in English but that’s the idea

Anybody have ever heard of such thing what this could be ?

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He’s probably Soul Traveling in the dream state…

I would add, it’s pretty cool that you can see him doing it. That’s a whole other thing, and I suspect a combination of your psychic ability and a measure of the strength of the manifestation.
Next time you see it, try to touch it and see what happens :smiley:


But the thing is he say he don’t know if hi doing it. EA say it’s completely under one control ?

Noooo, it’s got nothing to do with E.A., that was just a link to a description of what Soul Travel is.
He’s the one doing it, all by himself. No one can do it for you.

How come his not aware maybe his lying lol

Well it’s not literal soul traveling but it sounds like a dense OOBE on the the physical plane and you guys are perceiving him while he does it.

He could not be aware just as many astral/mental project in their sleep.

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Because he’s dreaming - he doesn’t remember.

Got you . All clear now

that urge to pee was so strong then

I wouldn’t advice to interfere someone sleepwalking, even when they’re doing it OBE. It’s not about hurting the sleepwalker or the sleepwalker hurting you, but more about respect of the one sleeping. Awareness could cause a lot of questions and a minor shock, so I suggest to keep the distance.

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Absolutely I don’t think he’s sleep walking
Because his body remain in the bed