I need some help with tarot interpretation

I paid one of my friends who is a professional spell caster to cast an obsession spell on a guy I am interested and I got a reading from someone else who was nothing but judgemetal. The cards were
Hierophant, 9 of pentacles reversed,the world, hanged man , 2 of cups, knight of wands, strength reversed,3 of cups. Can someone please help me interpret them?

It’s very common to get judgement over love spells, or any kind of baneful magick really, it’s why we have rules for “working threads” on here, as the same-old derails into discussing motives doesn’t really add anything new or useful. Off BALG anything goes: expect to be questioned. Also be careful working with practitioners, who - and I’m not saying they have done this it’s just a risk - could do their own well-meaning workings to “protect” your target. :slight_smile:

What was the question for the reading and what were the positions for the cards? Was it “did my spell work?” or something else? The question affects the interpretation so it kind of matters and you always need to include the question when asking for a reading. What intent was set for the card position also matters and you have not mentioned that either. It’s also matters what deck was used and you don’t say that either.

Without this info, and without knowing what energy the reader put into it and interacted with it, it’s really better just to do a new card pull.

These are someone else’s cards and should be left to them. Their interpretation will be meshed with their values, but it will be more accurate as they see it. If YOU pulled the cards tat’s different, you’re right here and we can feel you.

Assuming the following:

  1. The question was “Did the obsession spell work?” and
  2. The card positions are… dunno what an 8 card spread is, I use 3 or 11. I will just play it by ear…
  3. Rider Waite card deck meanings
  • Hierophant = A male teacher of spiritual and religious wisdom.
    … I’m seeing this as the practitioner who did the working and a confirmation that they are magickally involved (ie not faking it or anything)

  • 9 of pentacles reversed = (about reversed cards) A woman with intellectual and spiritual self-control - except it’s reversed signifying a lack on poise and control. If those represent you, the cards are offering a caution about this situation, that more discernment and control is needed. This card is a mild warning that you are losing control somehow, but of yourself not the dude…
    I can see why reading this came across as “judgmental”. But it’s the cards not the reader… But, it doesn’t say this is a problem, or what this manifests like, only to be aware of it so you can factor this in. You may need to examine the situation to get more info of what would be impacted if you lose control so you can compensate.

  • the world, success and belonging, * 2 of cups = Two people pledging love … this seems to be the energy of desire put into the working. Your friend did you a solid.

  • hanged man - Suffering yields gain. This card always reminds me of Odin who put himself through this intense spiritual ordeal learn the runes. I read it as “this is going to suck, and you will not get anything like what you expected, but you will grow a ton and that will make it worth it”. This is highly personal and there’s no element of another person in this though, this card is a person suffering alone.

  • Knight of Wands - Passion project, enthusiasm for the fight = This seems to be your attitude in the situation.

  • Strength Reversed - Spiritual inner strength gently tames the raw natural force of the lion - well being reversed, the target is not a lion and the force applied is not of this kind. Doesn’t indicate failure though. I read this as speaking to the working successfully applying the desired force.

  • 3 of Cups - The last card is unusually a “Final Outcome” kind of card, and this shows celebration, possibly because the working was successful. I get more of a friends with benefits/temporary vibe but there is much fun and joy in this outcome anyway.


I asked what the results of the spell are gonna be. I think most of the cards are positive except the last one which might show a third party. Thank you so much for your help