I need some help understanding._

Yesterday, I trusted a stranger, who said they were good with spell casting, with basically all of my money so he could cast a spell to win over my ex. I put my hope and trust into this and i begged the universe for a sign of whether it will be successful or not.

Last night i had a dream of these women who were rushing to this spell caster and when they reached him, they handed him newborns that were covered with blood and amniotic fluids. They seemed to want their babies to have good luck and good fortune but instead the guru murdered both babies. And when they asked why he put them in this trance and made them into these lifelike puppets.

You were scammed. They just have taken your money. There is wise words … You cannot kill all crooks you need just to kill fools and crooks will disappear.


sigh i was hoping i wouldn’t see this response… :cry:
i would do it myself but i’m such a newbie and i don’t want to make mistakes especially with something so important. even after reading how to summon demons it’s still confusing. and i don’t have everything i need to summon who i’d like.

I think this one shouldn’t be too difficult.

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I’m honest and I tell you the truth. Recently there were a post here from a person who said he paid several magicians six months ago. You can find it and you will see there were not effect at all. The universe usually helps people who help themselves. I have observations for many years on many people who tried to solve problems like yours. Believe me the only proper choice is to help by yourself. If you look on people who are practicing magic you will see four kind of people. People without real power who lives in imaginary world, people searching stupid man/women for easy sex or social contacts (I know a guy who is very happy “practicing” this), people who have different work and this is way to achieve some goals sometimes and the last one - people for whom this is business. If you look carefully and think why these types exists you will see the truth by yourself.


@VioletLotus the visions indicate a high level of malevolence with the caster as he has no ethics. Instead casting for love and winning over your ex he is punishing him and cast for retribution for what he did.

Anytime you employ someone else for a casting you lose control. Study the ritual your intetested in and perform the ritual yourself for the desired results.


All you need is a pen and paper, really, to get started.

You’re not acting from a place of wisdom here, this guy may seem like the answer to all your prayers but he’s making you a crazy person. This is not likely to diminish if he graces lowly little you with his mighty texts and a bit of bedtime fun, either. I’m very concerned! :thinking:


If this is how he acts towards you it’s definitely not important enough to give away your savings and rent money.
Getting a person back is never so important that you screw your life over.

You want to obsess over a jerk, it’s up to you but you don’t seem to have much control over yourself or self respect.
Honestly this is where you need to put your mind and efforts, not running to magick you don’t even understand how to use yet to bring some rando back into your life.

You need to work on yourself then you can work on spells to bring love to you not spells to bring a specific person to you.

I’m very sorry to hear about the money loss, but it’s most likely gone.
Magicians for Hire are not all crooks, honestly just asking here we could have given you reliable Magicians to go too. :confused:


maybe not all hope is lost just yet because the spell caster emailed me showing me the things he bought with my money.

i honestly get you, i have been there quite recently, literally spent most of my savings(how much ever a student can save up, mostly all gone) some people were like i will do black magic, this and that. not once, not twice but more than couple of times i gave my money away after so much research, i came across this forum. read a post created by @Lady_Eva regarding love spells which actually work.(keep in mind that i had lost all my faith in magic because of all the scammers. started reading (a whole lot of it) then created an account here, and desperately went ahead an created a post to ask for help to cast a spell for me. i still remember the only couple responses i got, one being from lady eva, suggesting a spirit( i had no idea that name she wrote was a spirit name, and i went looking for spell caster with that name, “yeah i was that stupid and desperate”)
so moving to main point, i started studying and after a while i started asking questions which i knew i will probably get help. so after a month of little studying, i have learned couple of things, even finished almost finished the book “lesser key of solomon” in this period i made couple of friends who have been practice but not to ask them to cast spells for me but learn from them ( though i found one amazing guy who is helping me a lot with my situation but at the same time he is teaching me things and making me understand things) and guess what today i had that moment where i got up drew a seal and performed a ritual. i don’t know if it went well or not but it definitely felt great, and i feel it was accepted.

okay sorry for such a long comment but my point is, just give it some time, read, learn and try(be respectful, apologize to the entity you evoking for any unintended mistake you did, better be safe then sorry) they listen to us even we don’t evoke them(by performing rituals and all), they just do listen once you have read their name and have thought "okay I am going to ask for help from this certain spirit, believe in it that it is heard and have faith, things will come.

so guys and girl, please do point out if i am wrong anywhere. cheers!