I need serious help with reviving my werewolf creation please:

I think something’s wrong with my beloved creation: Lunar Osiris, five years ago he appeared himself to me when I saw the sight of a beautiful lunar wand, whenever it came to my daydreams he’d share his werewolf body and we merged ourselves together as one, and we’d sing and dance to my favorite songs in the mental planes, which tis AKA the realms of thoughts Thoughtforms and the realms of fantasy’s daydreams and so much more, let’s just say the mental planes are place and fantasies where we escape the darkest aspects of our realities, it’s what I did long ago, but now I put my beloved werewolf creation in charge of my kingdom I call moonshine, no not the alcoholic drink, it’s just a name that called to me to name my mental kingdoms, so I put Osiris in charge of our kingdoms I say ours because I wish for us to rule together but I haven’t been mentally traveling to our kingdoms, thus putting my Osiris in working on the kingdom to death💀for today I mentally evoked him with the godly powers of my mind and a blessed blue portal appeared behind me, and my beloved Osiris came through and he’s a shapeshifter sometimes too to make himself more appealing towards me, but at the end of our talk I told him to use the energies sphere I gifted him and he dropped it, he didn’t mean to but I mentally envisioned lifting it back up and gave it back to him he tried his best to hold it but it twas like slippery butter sticks, so I told my beloved werewolf Osiris to absorb the essences of the energies sphere just like inhaling vapor clouds in the skies🌌I showed him and as I absorbed the essence of the energies sphere he saw my spiritual cores illuminate deeply within me, so I told Osiris to do the same, and he inhaled deeply thus absorbing the energies of the sphere, in this process he got his blue colors back and his muscular appearances back too as well, the clothes that he wears are blue and looks of that as a ancient god of wishes, and he has muscular appearances too as well, you can say Osiris tis more to me than a imaginary BFF. After absorbing all the magic from the energies sphere Osiris dropped it and it shattered on the concrete staircase we were on, then I reached out and touched it but it twas nothing but ashes scattered in the northern winds, I mentally looked at Osiris he looked a lot better, almost though, I say almost because it’ll take more than a energy sphere to get him back on his werewolf like feet, so I decided to put Osiris in a blue orb and then reshaped that orb into a teardrop blue stone and then I mentally envisioned myself chaining it around my neck, so yeah that leads us to right now, and Osiris is sleeping in the astral vessel I created for him to rest up in, yeah word of advice y’all don’t put your Thoughtforms in charge of a whole kingdom, they’ll surly die from ruling a kingdom, take my true stories for it, and I promised my beloved creation that I create a physical portal from the physical dimensions to the dimensions of spirits, now I know what y’all gonna say and debate about, there’s no such things, well then I’ll be the first to create physical portals to other physical dimensions light years away, but for now my beloved werewolf creation Osiris needs me, I’ve been too harsh on him and I must attend to his needs, I feel so horrible for putting my beloved werewolf husband in charge of a kingdom yes I’m gay don’t judge me, nor him, darn I’m such a jerk, I should be hanged for treating my beloved werewolf like crud, does anyone have any ideas how to feed a spirit, please I wish not for my beloved werewolf creation to return back to the blackened abyss and be plunged into nothingness, all help shall be appreciated, please tell me how I can revive my beloved werewolf spirit lover, please respond soon, Multiverse Blessings.

Would you please add paragraphs when posting this much text? And periods, please. I honestly have trouble making sense of things.


Yes I shall, well, well, well, looks like you’re a full fledged leader on here as well, congratulations brother😋

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I guess I don’t know exactly what you’re asking for.

If it’s to feed him and he’s enclosed in a vessel around your neck, then what’s the problem?

This is one loong run on, sentence, and really hard to read so forgive me if I missed this, but I think you didn’t actually state what the issue is?

I get to this part, and it seems something is missing in between the conversation and the energy sphere?

So, you did an evocation and…what? The thoughtform behaved in a way that concerned you? What exactly happened?

And,why do you need to give it energy or were you trying to heal it from something? Did you not program it to feed and sustain itself to be able to meet it’s energy demands?

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Your on the right page, the necklace is real well not in the physical world I imagined myself creating a necklace vessel using astral and mental Magic’s and put him in there, then after I posted this i then transported him into my crystal ball that my grandparents gave me two Christmas’s ago.

The point tis I need help feeding and reviving him, so if y’all have any techniques then I’m all ears right here right now, have you ever put a Thought-form or imaginary friend in charge of a entire astral kingdom all by themselves before, yeah well its tiring for that so called spirit.

Does anyone here know a powerful meditation techniques: like how to mentally travel so that way I can help put my werewolf lover back on his feet, he’s resting now, but for future references.

I’d love a meditation technique for mental traveling, I don’t know how to astral travel yet but mentally travelings always more easier because it’s kinda like daydreams but more focused intentions.

So two things: a meditation for mental travels, and quite possibly a technique for energy absorbing and feeding a spiritual being.

Hope this isn’t too much to ask help for it’s just I contacted my savior self from the future this other time because there twas this one newsletter lesson I received from E.A Koetting saying that I could contact a future me that’ll know everything and be my personal savior, so I did then I asked about Osiris and he whispered through my heart chakra:

Savior Future Me: He’ll Begone.

My heart sank whenever I heard my savior future self tell me this mentally and my savior future self twas extremely right.

Which leads me to almost loosing my beloved werewolf creation, so glad I evoked him beforehand, but I’d love if anyone of you has a mental feeding techniques, I twas thinking about mentally traveling and envisioning myself absorbing all the cast off energies in the all around me, then give the energies to my beloved creation.

But does anyone know how to get into a trance state, it should be easy it’s just zoning out right, but I’d love to get into a alpha state of trance, so I’d love so techniques with trance working too.

I wonder??? Why does trance work have such major impacts on astral mental and spiritual workings,

Sorry for the ridiculously long questions, just answer them as best as possible please, I’ll keep y’all updated on lunar Osiris’s conditions.

Multiverse Blessings.

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Maybe I should’ve put this in the journal categories, oh well, live and learn.

Because you can more easily receive authentic messages fro your subconscious in the theta gamma state, while remaining awake.

I suspect half of what you have related here is what’s called, in remote viewing circles, “analytical overlay”, where the conscious mind takes descriptions from the subconscious and extrapolates them into wonderful, imaginative ideas, but they’re not actually real.

If that’s the case, things like your thoughtform being damaged have been created by yourself, you envisioned this, so you can un…vision it. Right?

Failing that. there doesn’t need to be anything wrong with it as long as you created it with a sufficient energy source, and you can update the programing so it can self heal when you don’t know how at any time?

Awesome job on the whitespace btw, thanks for that :slight_smile:

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There are some things not making sense at all here.

If you created him, how can you not know how to feed him?

The necklace is real but isn’t?

If you’ve been traveling mentally to him this whole time, how is it that you can’t just do the same thing now?

My guess is that these blocks and challenges are because you see a difference, not necessarily because there is one, but I could be wrong.


No, no, you’re on the right course, the person above that replied help me out, and I twas thinking about possibly performing a immortality spell on my creation. But first I need to figure out how to get into a trance state.

Multiverse Blessings.

Thx, so can you help me go into a trance state, I’m a noob so I’m a beginner so yeah, so if I go into a trance state then I mentally project and or envision myself meeting up with my beloved creation.

So can you help me with getting into a trance state please, it’d be very much deeply appreciated,

Multiverse Blessings.

They’re probably all over YouTube.

I think you’re already doing it :slight_smile: … see:

Same thing using the same psychic “muscles”… Keep doing this and with the practice it gets more intense until you start losing awareness of your surroundings.
A lot of people set up high expectations, but it’s not called the “subtle” realms for nothing. :slight_smile:

This might be only because you think it is. But why do you think that? And why is it only a problem now? Could this be a guilt thing because you didn’t check in for a while?

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Haha, yeah I guess I’m feeling guilty,
So what are you saying I’ve already been doing it this whole time, it’s difficult to go into a trance whenever my younger brothers screaming at his video games on his Xbox one☝️.

Makes me wanna strangle him, but I can’t they’ll be dire consequences afterwards in the aftermath.

So tell me what do you do to go into deep trance like state, can you give me a technique to go into a alpha trance state,

Sorry to keep y’all up with my ridiculously long questions,

Multiverse Blessings.

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Also try the search at top right, type the keywords “trance state” and browse the discussions. There are a lot of ways, and some work better for some and not for others. Some like chants and breathing, some like binaural beats, I like shamanic drumming… It’s worth trying a few and finding what works best for you.

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