I need info on leviathan

I havent found much info on leviathan but hes been on my mind the last days. Anyone close to him? What hes personality is and what he specializes in ? Also is he an aspect of an entity named chtullu ? I wont call a spirit without knowing it first . Any advice will be apriciated .

Cthulu and Leviathan are from different systems entirely. I don’t know if they’re representations of similar underlying energies.

Cthulu was an entity from H P Lovecraft’s stories that have a cult following - working with them comes more into choas magik.

Leviathan is older in the mind of man, though still not more than a few thousand years represented - it comes from Hebrew mythology and is in the xtian canon.

Have you read through the posts here about Leviathan yet?


Yes some of them but they dont reveal much. Have you ever summoned him?

No it’s not on my list at the moment.

V.K. Jehannum mentions it in his writings on videos.

I got leviathan’s call and been researching too of late… Got her sigil in my minds eye one time while meditating

I get a lot of feminine vibes from her
.serpent images… More like the water element ish …draconian type feel… I also got the image of a bull skull… I did a, rite today with her… Using blood asking her for more knowledge

Read this,very useful https://demonsanddemonolatry.com/emperor-of-the-void-and-abyssal-demon-lord-leviathan/


I wish you many blessings thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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He is very wise kind and calm like water but mysterious like water to he can teach alot of things to you just have courage to call him