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My Story: In January, 2019, I attempted to summon Belial, and it wasn’t till a few days ago that I realized he was never even here. My girlfriend and I have been non-stop tortured since that first ritual. We went from fully functional human beings with jobs, hopes, dreams, and passions, to broken children attempting double suicide in the forest, within the first six months. Now that I at least have an Idea of what I’m dealing with, I am desperate to get it to stop. I have been abused in ways you couldn’t even imagine a spirit would abuse you, I have developed multiple disorders (CPTSD, Major Depression, Severe Anxiety, and even discovered that I had DID.) It’s been almost the same with my girlfriend. I just want my life back, so if any of you know the name of what I’m dealing with, or how to get the name of what I’m dealing with, It would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what I know:

1. These things have the ability to access some type of psychological subconscious realm of the mind, It’s not even the astral, it’s different.
2. During the time you are being possessed/tortured, nothing else will be able to hear you. I had called out to literally everything I could think of before I realized that they were blocking my magick from the inside out. It’s like trying to call someone on a banana, nothing will get through, no matter how powerful the entity you want to talk to is.
3. That being said, they will make you think your call got through, at least for at little while. They like to dangle hope in front of you by impersonating Gods, Demons, Loa, ect. And then rip it from your cold, dead hands when you realize they’re just impersonating the thing you need. There is no hope for summoning, you have been cut off.
4. You cannot exorcise them as you would a normal demon or spirit of malicious intent. Not even the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram works.
5. No amount of physical warding seems to keep them out seeing as they aren’t connecting to the physical, but the mental plane.
6. They can mimic almost anything. They copy energy, and can vibrate on high and low frequencies.
7. They seem to be like some type of king trickster spirit of the subconscious mind.
8. As far as I know, they don’t answer to much, if anything at all.
9. They’re tricks are very clearly things that you would have no way of making up by yourself. They often contain facts that you had no way of knowing, and multiple people, halfway across the world from each other can experience the same trick at the same time without ever having met.
10. Despite this, it should eventually start to remind you of psychosis, even though it’s not, it will begin to feel that way.
11. They are only truly powerful in the subconscious , but they can manifest physically in small ways
a. Small scratches (rarely ever deep enough to stay visible for longer than twenty minutes, an odd voice here or there, etc. etc…
12. They seem to feed on sexual energy and fear, but this is just a theory.
13. It starts out “Good”. For the first week to a month they are full of charm, and more like an incubus than a trickster, will most likely try to seduce you.
14. They KNOW your weakest points, and they will use them to hurt you in unimaginable ways.
15. Within six weeks the victim will often begin to develop anything from major depressive disorder to suddenly having Dissociative Identity Disorder (With no previous symptoms).
16. The ultimate goal seems to be complete destruction. They want to get the victim to rock bottom and keep them there, for most this means suicide.
17. They will often promise you impossible things for very little price.
18. If you try to make a deal or contract with them, they will break it, and often pretend it’s just what, whatever spirit their mimicking, does.
19. If you are lonely they will romance you, and you will develop some form of Stockholm syndrome.
20. They WILL try to trick you using your weaknesses. They are mastermind liars and if you can’t recognize this type of spirit early on, they will convince into believing absolutely impossible things. I was tricked into believing that the biblical apocalypse was on the horizon, something I would normally never buy. However, they were so good with the way that they worded things and which spirits they impersonated, I began to buy it. I mean come on, why would archangels lie to me ?
21. They are multi-present and can possess multiple people at once, which can make their tricks seem more realistic.
22. They’re true appearance is that of a shadow with red eyes, but they can wear the mask of anything and everything if they need to.
23. They will often stock their prey from the time they are born, till they receive an opening.
24. The one dealt with had the form of a rotting giant monster with goat horns dead/red eyes, a skull mask, snake hair, and literal earth worms that fell from his mouth when he spoke. At least that’s what my mom (A very talented Christian Psychic slowly turning Pagan) said about him. Then she told me he would turn me into the equivalent of a sex slave/Pet and destroy my lineage. Fun times.

Anyway, if any of this sounds familiar, please help me. I can’t contact anything, but I’m willing to work something out in exchange for someone out there contacting something for info for me. I’m currently unemployed because of all the torment, but I’m a digital and traditional artist with a knack for painting and graphic design. If you’re willing to do an exchange for artistic goods, I would be more than happy to chat. Please, if anyone knows anything, help me. I can’t keep living like this.


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I call them parasites or shadows, they mimic. I had a “friend” who was over taken by them and they wanted to get to me next, l was lucky I had guardians both on this plane and astral that helped me break free.

They feed off suffering and will give you just enough so they can find another to feed off of.

I’m amazed at how they can even change a person’s scent and facial expressions.

I had to uncross for a month, make a safe place in my home (otherwise I felt their call) in order to heal.

And they didnt infest me.

Do you have any suggestions/ideas on what to do if that doesn’t work. I have tried everything from insane physical cleansing to catholic exorcisms conducted by my old pastor, and they still came back that night, if they ever truly left.

It’s been so difficult to get rid of them that the only reason I know they’re is that every witch, psychic, and preacher I’ve gone to, has been able to tell me they’re were there, without me ever telling them what I was experiencing.

It feel’s like they’re possessing me, but the only way I know to summon anything out of possession is if I know they’re names, and I have know clue what the three to five main ones are named.

My theory is that if I can get them to leave my subconscious via summoning, I can trap and bind them. Then, I can ward my mind and home, as just warding the home has done nothing. What do you think?

If anyone knows, how to both clear and ward a mind, please reach out.

Be careful about ideas they give you to do, it is probably just another way for them to make you suffer more.

Have to tried taking a break from magick and focusing on other things around people who care about you?

I have, but I don’t see them giving up anytime soon.

My mom had to face these exact demons when I was an infant because they wouldn’t leave me alone, at this point I swear they have nothing better to do

You could try a different approach, I suggest a change of system, leave the pantheon you are working with, and as evocations could be miss used by this entity, I would recommend you to start working with goddess Nike but do not wish to hear her or see her as this could be used against you at this point (by the “trickster”) so you should only ask her for her favor.
Get an image of the Nike the one that resonates with you (maybe an image of her defeating some someone) place it next to your bed , and below it, in a pot place a laurel tree, a small one so it fits in your bedroom.
every night before going to sleep take 3 leaves from the tree, burn them with a candle dedicated to NIke, the leaves will “explode” at some point, burn every leaf till you get 3 explosions from each.
Also write In a piece of paper a desire for the goddess to interfere and help you and a statement that you will triumph over this (do not describe how) finally write “I, (your full name) have the master keys to achieve victory” bury that paper on the pot below the laurel tree, above it you have to bury a coin (the highest value coin used in your country) and on top bury a gold color key (do not paint a key, the material has to be that color). on the surface of the earth of the pot just above the items you buried, draw a 3 spins spiral from the outside to the inside (re-draw the spiral any time it gets deleted by the water you put in the pot). imagine the tree growing more keys from its branches.
finally get two extra keys (gold in color as well), hang one of them like a pendant, to yourself. and the other one have it on your bedroom in a place you can see it.

if you decide you will try this PM me when you are done setting things up, as I would have to do some work from here, leave the spiral drawing for last, and draw it only when I am ready to do my thing.
ohh and if you do this also get some white lilies (I will tell you what to do with this afterwards).


If you don’t mind, I’d like to try a couple of things when I get into ritual tonight?

I’m currently in a pactworking with Samael and we’re exploring the phenomenon of parasites heavily. For me, for the last two weeks I’m being confronted by parasites every day, my own and others, and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to learn.

With your permission I want to try a couple of things:

  1. Moving the parasite to a target of my choice (tee hee :slight_smile: )
  2. Trapping it in a crystal I have prepared for the purpose (the higher being that was the crystal’s consciousness having been gently relocated)

I’m curious to see how it’ll go.

Re warding the mind, it’s a matter of setting firm boundaries, which is what a ward is. I like the power word “Mine!” and denying that this external thing can play with your toys. Find any strongly territorial idea that works for you, get indignant and angry, defend your space, set the line that cannot be crossed.


That would be absolutely fine! leave the parasite “Moman” for me, I’m binding him tonight as well, but any others are fair game.

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Well that’s hectic …sorry for all the trouble…
Apart from Maulbree help … I once had the trouble to be attacked by parasites a long time ago…but thanks to Archangel Michael the issue was solved …

Recently Also I had similar problem but I used the Master protection ritual from the book Magical protections by Damon brand also the book has several rituals to cut off parasites and cleanse your space…

So I will recommend you find the book it will help …

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