I need help with a ceremonial summoning of Hann Valar

Hello to all of you,
I was told by Satan to summon Hann Valar, a demon which VK Jehannum made a post about. It says that Hann Valar wants a ceremony when he is to be summoned. I struggle to create such a ceremony. I mean isnt evocation on its own sort of a ceremony? If you have any ideas for this ceremony i would be very thankful. I add the link to VK Jehannums post below.

Candles, incense, an offering and sigils would be enough.

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i mean that would be my normal evocation. i think i should put more into it, so its not just like any other evocation. do you have another idea of what i could implement?

Any evocation can be done without any magickal equipment, to be honest. Adding those elements and atmosphere is what would turn it into a ceremony.

Point north when making the ritual.

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I would caution that that is apparently just one person’s UPG, so don’t get too hung up on it. Bearing in mind J and the others mentioned probably used regular evocation because they’re all ceremonial mages anyway and that apparently worked for all of them, so that much ceremonial magick is plenty it seems… It’s not that deep and you don’t need to get too crazy with it.

“He told Nina that he wants ceremony when he is to be summoned.”

Basically what @truewerewolf said. Use regular summoning not shamanic journeying.


My motto is work with what you’ve got. Study the spirit look around what you have and what you can buy and do it. Sometimes you dont have to do a big fancy ritual. Ring the bell even if it a small one and you might get your answer :grin: