I need help to start with the book "Draconic ritual book" / extraction of blood

I am very intrested in following the dragons path as every now and then I become “obsessed” with the Idea. However, I´m not able to get past the first ritual as it requires blood. I´ve searched the internet for information on how to cut yourself safely, but I didn´t find anything. Any help on how to extract blood safely is greatly appreciated.

P.S.(Im a guy so menstrual blood isn´t an option)

Single use lancets work pretty well for whats generally needed.


Yeah the problem is I don´t think I can get these since I´m only 16 and my parents would forbid me this because they`re christian so maybe smt more like cuting myself safely with a knife

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Hey, you do what you gotta do, but a knife, especially in trance state where a lot of the magic happens cant ever be really totally “safe”. Also if a visible mark is left from the knife, most parents would be more upset by the thought that your cutting yourself.


yeah true didnt think about this.

You can buy them at the local pharmacy “Lancets” They are for diabetics. I use them all the time :slight_smile:

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Just use red ink.

Oh but don´t you need parental permission/ prescription to do so?
I´m asking this because i live in Belgium.

If you want to be Draconian, you will have this problem over and over again, because the rituals sometimes (if not often) requiere ingredients such as blood, drugs and sexual practices. You will have to learn how to adapt the rituals in order to make them safe for you (and less expensive).

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Yeah you´re right instead of talking, I´m gonna search for these Lancets and see if I can find anything.

Are you performing the Draconic opening? Is that what you mean by the first ritual?

No, I am in america. It is over the counter here not sure about your country.

If I need blood I just use a pin.

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I use an x-acto knife. jab my finger and voila blood. plus it doesn’t leave marks.

If one of your parents got a sowing kit, steal a needle and prick the tip of your finger of your right hand. Clean it before and after use. Or say you are going to start sowing have them buy you a sowing kit and use the needles for that under the pretense of using it for something else.

If I’m not mistaken, a simple needle should work. But if you’re planning on becoming a draconic practicer, I have a recommendation. (Sorry, can’t help myself XD) DragonFeather369 is an amazing YouTuber that focuses on a lot to do with dragons. She’s probably one of my favorite witchy YouTubers. Best of luck in your ritual!

According to the ritual, can you do it once or must you always offer your blood? Is their a way you can by pass that especially if you intend to make it your daily practice.

I ordered a lancet for diabetics from China - it works pretty well and it came with like 50 one-use pins you load into the “pen”. If stores send you away, you can still order one, although it can take a while to arrive…