I need help on selling my soul

I need help on selling my soul to the Devil,Which Demon should i sell my soul to and whats the easiest way to doing it?.

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You summon the demon you want to summon and then explain to them that you’d like to sell your soul to them

Btw, this is the dumbest thing one can do


That is , if he even wants your soul XD


Not actually a thing, dude.
Xtianity made that up to scare people into doing what the church tells them to.

Check out the Unofficial Tutorials Directory, and go get what you want for yourself.
By doing this and taking your fate into your own hands, you become ‘the adversary’ as far as they’re concerned, which means anyone that isn’t a sheep… call it a win-win.

Daemons don’t want worship or your soul, they’re trying to help, why else do you think the church badmouths them? They undermine the slavery complex.


Ill give ya 2 dollars and half a pack of juicyfruit.


While I disagree with the idea that one can sell their soul literally as opposed to selling one’s alliance, your best bet might be to approach Lucifuge, who is said to oversee pacts.

But I can already see that might you have one problem: who exactly is the Devil? Not a good idea to sell one’s loyalty to a being if you do not know who they are. That would lead to opening a unpleasant door.


Truth. The sort of being that would accept, isn’t worth giving it to and isn’t likely to deliver satisfactorily anyway.

But my point is, when you can use magic to get what you want without selling the farm, why not do that instead?


Seeing as I’m probably the only one who has experience on this forum with soul selling to really input on the possibility and impossibility outside of speculation. I’ll tell you it’s not worth it and you don’t need to do so to achieve what you need to achieve.

Soul selling is also not a xitian thing, it’s present in some African lores, so let’s not blame everything on monotheism lol. The constant “well xitians in my life did me wrong so ima blame the entire religions for everything” can’t last long.


Yes exactly, although there are beings who do, probably even Lucifer

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And that is a very good point to make. I personally agree with you, but i can see why the idea can be appealing to others, as it appears to be easier than learning how to achieve things on your own.

But easy does not always mean it works, especially long term.


Yeah that always stumped me. If they believe in an afterlife, and hell, and the trade is a few decades of mortal success vs trillions of years of misery… that doesn’t sound easier to me. :joy_cat:

In the old folk takes behind this idea, people were always tricked into this, they weren’t going for it because it sounded like a good idea.
And then, they found a way out of it by redemption and there was a moral that played up the submission to the xtian god aspect.
I think people don’t pay any attention, just read the bits they want to and don’t think through the mechanics and consequences.


Honestly, the idea probably goes all the way back to the origins of religion when people started to devote themselves to gods in exchange for safety, stability, etc here in the physical.

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As they say, the devil is in the details lol

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I believe so, I think it spiked with the rise of Christianity banning other faiths maybe? So in a way the concept was alive and Christianity pretty much was like “no stop that” lol

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I’d give him 500 pesos (10$) and a live chicken lol…gotta be worth that at least.

That’s good lol!

If you think “easy” and “turn over your soul and lose all control of your destiny forever” belong in the same sentence, then oh boy are you in for a shock when the payment comes due - forever.

I didn’t start the “debunk selling your soul” topic to say it;s not possible, just to illustrate that it’ a dumb move akin to taking out a loan with a loan shark at rates that mean you can never escape, and then having no way, literally none, of ever getting out from under him.

There are other better forms of magick and you would be better advised to do those that think one weird trick can fix all your problems, it won’t anyway.


@Dieu mod hat on, please make that intro, we can’t even give you advice on how to improve your life unless we have that. Thanks! :+1:


I am not so into the idea of “selling soul”, I agree with most of the comments here.
personally I have been working on offerings. I recommend reading Gordon Winterfield’s demons of magic, especially the part about the offerings and promises to entities.
It is basically based on two principles.
a) Offer a personal sensory experience. Whether it’s something pleasant (orgasm, tasty food, drink, etc.) or unpleasant (pain, hunger, tiredness, etc.)
It is important that it be personal, that you experience the sensation, it is useless if you sprinkle your altar with chicken or cow blood but do it automatically and go to watch TV while the blood rots.
b) Always keep what he promises, that’s why Winterfield recommends offering small but intense things.

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