Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"

Unless you are willing to live in the middle of the jungle with a primitive tribe.
You live under their rule.
Because of Money.

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It’s a thing called society, which none of us here really controls. Because its money and power.
If any here would have any of those two enough to overcome a government, probably wouldn’t be here spending time speaking about it.

Not sure what you are setting up for with this since with the exception of barter systems mostly related to the few tribal cultures still around taxes are a part of how the various socialist systems such as roads, sewers, police, firefighters ect are paid from in a large number of the current modern societies that are set up as democratic republics, republics and democratic systems for those drawing the various distinctions between each.

As i understand most political systems taxes serve the same general purpose buy may end up serving the personal agendas of those in power to a more or less degree depending on the given system in place.

And by the way, in no way I feel like I have no power and I’m useless against them. I actually feel the other way around because I’m so very close to my goals which pertain exactly to that. To be off grid. Live outside society so I don’t have to be under the rule of those with power, but instead be under the rule of Demons.

A simple choice which I said on my first post.
Who do you rather serve.
At the end of the day, you will serve.
We all do. Regardless of the amount of freedom you think you may have.

Good fortune to you then, we’ll have to agree to disagree since my experience to date doesn’t reflect this perspective.

Well, i think it depends on what you do…I have seen a pair of people ending pretty fucked up mentally and phisically by doing banefull magic…So i don`t know, it might not be your soul per se, but everything else can be lost if you indulge in certain practices, not conducent to the ascension of anyone.

Yo why was this bumped lol, it’s incorrect, you can most definitely sell your soul

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Read the wording in the OP. :+1:


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A great topic to bump lol. I’m glad to know that asking for your soul is basically confirmation that you’re working with a parasite or at least being tested.


Not always, there are legit beings who are asking not as a test or as a parasite. It’s more that some people refuse to believe some beings actually will ask, even well known beings/demon/Gods/etc. Never assume every instance is a parasite or test.


Huh interesting. I wasn’t aware of that so thank you. I assume it comes down to intuition and how much you trust the entity when it comes to telling if they are legit?

Pretty much yes, and well I normally would tell anyone not to even give the offer a bat of the eye but there are people out there who have no problem doing so to their most trusted entity/God/dess and in my opinion if that’s what they choose than oh well lol.

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Thank you for the information! I’m always happy to learn when I’m mistaken so thanks!

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I’m a magician and i ain’t selling shit

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Selling one’s soul is an Abrahamic myth. What would they do with it? eat it? screw it when the old lady was out? make it mine salt? a human soul has about as much value as a half used AA battery, hell. the battery is probably worth more recycled.

Now as to making pacts… Honest pay for honest work I say, but EA is the expert on that I think. I just stay in the wading pool these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do know selling your soul is on some level real in the manner of giving your inner soul essences unto the being who in return uses it for its own empowerment and at the other trys to manifest your wishes. it do really depend on how much your soul is powerfull and developed.But belonging, it will allways unto you at the end of eternity and reality. So thats why when normis sell theyre soul they get allmost every time meager to no results but higher initiates thinks that are wild and miracle alike.