I need help (not magick related)

I live in a care home with people who have psychosis like me. I buy cocaine a lot and my money is all spent. The doctor and my mom saw and requested my internet banking and they saw the transactions that so much money was being spent and that I was spending too much money and they are not happy with it. What type of best excuses are there that is the reason why I give out so much money? What is the best reason as to why my money keeps being spent big??? I’m risking staying longer here when they check my bank details transactions again and I can’t have that. What are some good reasons to decline their request to check my bank transactions?? So I won’t get kicked out back to the asylum again???

I’m afraid you won’t like my answer, sorry ahead for it.

The obvious answer is to stop buying cocaine, or at the very least cut back significantly and demonstrate you are capable of taking care of your own finances.

Legally speaking if they have some sort of guardianship, power of attorney, or have previously established that you are unable to take care of yourself and finances, a good excuse simply isn’t going to work in my mind. You don’t have anything to show as far as other expenses. If you were building a business or something you could exaggerate the cost of some items to cover a portion of the spending, but it doesn’t sound like this is the case.

Magically speaking I would look at trying to take control of your life, gain control of your overspending and addictive habits. Physically speaking, it sounds like you are in a place that should be able to facilitate your needs for this and accentuate your magical progress on it as well.


Get back to aslyum for your own sake man.


I don’t know, what kind of excuses where you thinking when you were spending all of your money on cocaine while knowing that you live in a care house and you might get kicked out and back to the asylum if they found out? Why don’t you give us your options and we pick?
Is there actually anyone in here that will tell you what kind of lie to say in order to avoid the consequences of your actions that will burden your health and you financial state? Can’t wait to see it.


Oh ffs. :expressionless:


Fun, I like multiple choice tests!

Maybeeee seems like a lot of advocates on here for the drugs I’d never try…

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Mate, listen to yourself.You are asking us this: My life is a misery, how do I contiune being that way?

Come on bro, they are helping you.Open your eyes.


Me too, I’m good at it!

One more reason to wait for those answers, I hope I’ll get impressed.

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More likely underwhelmed or impressed at how sad the suggestions might be.

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No excuse is the best excuse…your recognising your behaviour is not healthy, so unless you change it you will just keep repeating the cycle…


I thought of you as an asshole but you’re a good guy thank you

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  1. Shall I say that the cocaine supplier (is who also lives in my care home) is pressuring me too much?
  2. Shall I say “he’ll pay me back”
  3. Shall I say “money really doesn’t concern me at all I’m like a Buddhist”
  4. Shall I say “he is a drug addict and he will pay me back money because he’s got a lot of money so I can profit from it”
  5. Shall I say “He’s pressuring me and he makes threats at me?”

You wandered into a neighborhood where at least the more serious are trying to gain mastery of their lives. And you ask those people to be your enabler. @Vandheer was right.

The answer is:

  1. I used all my money to buy cocaine and i really need to kick the habit and learn to be a functional human being again.

@S_vi_Britannia I could be seen as such not gonna lie.I have been called egoistical (shoutout to my fan), a troll, an asshole,whatever and they are all true but I came with a geniune answer this time.

Listen man, some of drugs indeed are cool, they might be even life changing experiences, transcending.Cocaine is NOT one of them.Bro seriously lay off whatever you need, even if this means to go to that damned aslyum until addictions will be over.More or less a year will be taken away from you but compare it to a lifetime, which might end with a golden shot.


They will expect to see that money back on your account soon enough.

Still doesn’t answer where the money went

a) if he has so much money why he asked you of your money
b) they will expect to see that money back in your account

He’ll be probably even sued and forget about your drugs

That’s a vague answer that won’t satisfy anyone.
a) “so you gave your money to him?”
b) “why did you gave your money to him?”
c) “when will he return the money?”


You know, its possible when this lifetime is over, it will be end of your existence.You are spending it on cocaine bro.Come on bro, give up on that shit. :man_facepalming:


I’m not a licensed professional, so take my advice with a grain of salt and do as you will with it…

…lay off the coke and go to rehab.


Um…you do know cocaine actually causes psychosis, right?


There is no excuse that would be satisfying in this situation. Better just to come clean and get some help, as it sounds like you are spiraling. Take the opportunity to get back into control.

I am not anti drug mind you. I have done my own experimentation. However, when you find yourself in the position where you feel the need to blow through most of your income into a substance instead of building something for yourself, especially if in a less than ideal situation already, there is a problem, as the substance begins to be controlling you instead of it being used as a tool by you.


I better start using cocaine😂