I need help before my first evocation

To put it simply I just feel like I need to plan and research for everything. I haven’t even done my first evocation of a spirit. I meditate daily outside in the woods near my house, but I almost feel like I’m ready. I just don’t know what my goal will be, or even what I want. I know one fear I have Is that the spirit will cause harm to the close people in my life.

What would you say my first steps are? I was thinking of getting a familiar from hass’cotor. I read that familiars are good for magic and companionship.


seems ideal, since there’s just the advice about telling the entity to not harm anyone :slight_smile:

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I can’t explain how much this is gonna help me. My fear was more of I just need to be certain. I also have a cat, I’ve read story’s of buer curing a vary serious sickness from a man’s wife but during the ritual their was dog hair on the carpet. His wife was cured but his dog received the sickness. I also have a question on why I need to visualize a man with a black cloak along with horns? I’ve also read reading a enn with the wrong pronunciation could anger the demonic entity. Is this true?

For your own good: learn and practice banishing. With lots of practice you’ll feel an energy shift. Keep going. Eventually you can reverse what you just learnt and start evoking/invoking. These are the two most important rituals you will ever learn; and the first is banishing.

P.s. There’s really no reason to harken unto me. I’m just fixated.


About the visualization, it’s a generic demonic form that may be replaced, for example when a grimoire gives a more specific one.

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