I need fn help. Omgggg

I moved provinces away to be with my “soulmate.” Hah. I won’t get into a million details. We really are perfect together. WHEN he’s treating me the way I deserve to be treated. I came in at a bad time, & can say he’s under a lot of stress. (Ex took EVERYTHING; my prayers were answered & it’s now finally in court, long story) He is so fucking critical and insulting at times it’s insane. I really would love this to work. It’s not like I couldn’t go get someone else, I absolutely could. To the point: who would help best with this? Changing his behaviour. When he takes E occasionally, he’s open and acknowledges how he is. But Omg he can’t be on drugs everyday. I don’t want to hear get a new guy. (Not to be rude by any means) I need help. Dantalion, Sitri, Rosier, Amon….?


Sounds like he need to work through some issues. No spirit can do that for him, it’s his work to do not theirs.

Will he go to couples counseling with you? If yes, call I’d go with Amon to encourage a smooth process.

Otherwise you’re into full mind control magick and that’s really hard and complicated to keep control of. You’ll get one thing and it will manifest in other unexpected ways. And you person you’re with you know isn’t themselves any more. For that Paimon and Dantalion are better.


Ugghh yeah it’s so frustrating. I’m actually hoping that once this court ordeal is all over & he gets back everything he’s legally entitled to take back, that this will change. If not, I guess I have to decide if I want to live in misery or not right…


I am just thinking could you do rituals for him to be more respectful, kind and loving towards you. It’s just not acceptable for someone to be under stress and essentially disrespect you.

I would petition Sallos, Bune and Dantalion.

Also you could perform a simple sex magick ritual with him, set your intention before the act and keep it on your mind during the act knowing your orgasm or your joint orgasm ensures the manifestation of your intention to have a loving relationship with him.

His ex took everything so he is fixated on get stuff back but look at it this way people lose everything all the time house fire, foreclosure, loss of income etc. I say this to say that maybe magick needs to also be done to improve his financial situation and ability to be in a position to acquire even more than the ex took and yes continue working on the legal angle so that he is victorious.

Wishing you all the best.

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