I need a spirit for money and luck

Hello dear members of this forum, i want a spirit to help me gamble to get my money back from a fake and scam casino they scam people in roulette and use magnets and some algorithms. I have loss more than 500 USD i have only 22 USD in my balance so i need a spirit and i will let it in within me and gamble istead of me to get my money back, i will promise this spirit or entity that will help to get my money back 500 USD i will give him or her a sacrifices that he want or she want i will do everything she want but please i hope that i can effort this as a beginner…

Please know that i’am from an Islamic background… so if i feel that a spirit isn’t that i was ask for i will use some very powerful words to get him depart

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I don’t understand why some people join here to know how to win gambling.


Nitika and other spirits of NAP are beginner friendly , or the djinn, which will take some research on your part, theyre a little advanced.

Gambling is bad, look to a new way to earn money


Please give me some ways to earn money? Like what

Because they are gamblers! Loool because they are looking for fast money fast profits

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Here’s a thought …

Get a job.


Get a job. Use damon brands job seeker spell book.
If you cant get a job in your field and qualifications, then entry level in another field is ok. If you cant then:
Go for minimum wage at {Insert any bakery or food store} and after every night shift,
“steal” the food that would have been thrown out otherwise.
Or a position where you can collect tips. (strong but pleasant cologne(maybe florida/rose/kananga water, or magick oils), manners or enthusiasm are great,involve spirits for extra help)
These minimum wage jobs, depending on your country, could easily earn you more value than some “respectable jobs”.

Watch where you spend your money- Food can be cheap and tasty eg: potatoes. The irish survived on them alone for years in the famine and they can be prepared in many forms. take the free condiment packages from restaurants if you have too. Shame is for people with money.
Enjoy free wifi and ac or heating at a public place (I dont know how tight the pandemic controls are in your country)

IDK your personal situation but pysical action is most important


For what it’s worth, perhaps take any job going at the moment in your area?

I can vouch for Damon Brand’s Magickal Job Seeker booklet. I had some stunning results with it.

I like the idea that @ReverendInsanity put forward; even a few nights at a bar/cafe can do wonders if you work some magick to get customers to tip you well. I did that many many moons ago, and I can attest to using a combo of Florida water and kanganga, with perhaps a currency bill stuffed into the water and made into a spray that you can apply. I’ve had good success with hoodoo style fast money formulas which I made myself.

If buying anything is truly a problem right now, I’d also defer to servitor magick. Create one to hunt you a steady job that pays on time. You might even want to command the servitor to help you save and spend wisely.

Other than that, try Bune for some quick cash.

I personally don’t go in for gambling magick, but that is only because I have never had to use it.

On a final note, since you say you are from an Islamic background, call out to the djiin and see if they will help. I’m not overly familiar with djinn magick, but I come from a Middle Eastern country, where people are known to call upon the djinn to bring them fast wealth.

Good luck

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Really i want change my situation, iam so poor… i dont like to work 12 hours daily and get paid 100 USD in month this is Not fair this is scam… people work 12 h to 16 h and get paid 100 USD is this fair and good? I prefer work with a very wealthy deamon how can i do that?

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Corona virus stop everything here, people here go sleep at 8 pm

No one can exit he’s home after 8 pm

hello, no spirit is going to make you rich overnight if you are not willing to work, magic does not work like that, much less if you are a beginner, it requires dedication, study, development of faculties, magic is not the easy way to the satisfaction of any wish


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You could try Claunek, Bune, Shax, Raum, Salas’ash, there are Carl Nagel books with evocations for the first two, but I suppose none will do anything for you if you are not willing to work for yourself.


What you mean by working in myself? What should i do?

what I said before, dedication, study, meditation, personal alchemy …

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it not fair. Nothing in this world is. you don’t want to work 12 hour job day, but other people would still begrudgingly or gladly do that.

Do you suffer from fatigue/illness or impatience? Is that why you don’t want 12hour work week? then practice wim hof method and “lifting the sky qigong”.

Do the 12 hour thing until you have enough money to open your own stall. Then as a F*** you to your boss, you could open up the stall in front or near his shop (Sorry for cursing).


I understand.