I need a SPELL

There is a person on the internet I asked him to send me $ 100 to invest in… He agreed, but he told me tomorrow.
I can’t wait all this long So to ask anyone who is willing to help me In order to rise a SPELL But that makes the person comfortable and in order not to change his opinion

I really need that money and I am afraid to change his mind

You’re better off making the spell yourself, spells are just will put into words. No one else has the emotional attachment to the issue enough to have an emotional empowerment to it.

However, others can give advice, when making a spell don’t try too hard to rhyme, you also don’t have to need tools and such. You can follow the layout of DK’s thread about petition spells.


Where can I find the way pleas? I want something effective

This person does not know him well, but I know his full name and know where he lives, If these things help, I am ready to provide it

Honestly you could probably just work with any goetia demon that would bring you money , they can clear up any financial hardships

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Yeah you could try some evocation or petition work to Duchess Bune. She works quite fast in my experience.

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This is exactly what I am looking for, So how to do it beautiful lady :heart_eyes:

Is he honest? Is he loyal?

If a demon has amazing power and real impact I will sacrifice everything he has for me

I want to work with him, If it’s nice and quiet

Take a look at this tutorial that @DarkestKnight made. Perfect and easy to follow for any petition working :slight_smile:


Woowww!!! Thank you beautiful ladyy…

You are very beautiful and I respect and appreciate you

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I have done one now I asked Prince Lucifer I wrote it in Arabic

Great ! Wish you the best

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Thank you! much respect and love :heartbeat:

Use Micah money incantation here on Balg. It’s one of the best for quick results

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