I need a real nasty one

I need the curse of all fucking curses, excuse my French.

I have never used anyone else’s methods of cursing others before, but I really really do need to.

I want the nastiest and most profoundly devastating curse known to man.

Does anyone know if such an operation which may be performed cheaply, let’s say for under $50?

If anyone’s willing to divulge with an asshole like me their most profound curses, and let me share in their powers with you, I would greatly appreciate you, because I want this curse to be the most obvious curse imaginable. I want them to know they’re cursed, their friends and family to know they’re cursed (the victims are cursed and no innocent bystanders, but the innocents know the victims are cursed).

I want rumors about this curse.

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I understand that this is tempting. However, if a target knows that they are cursed it could lead them to seek out reliable ways to break it before the desired long term effect hits them (think about seeking out a professional who is experienced in curse breaking. Sometimes all it takes can be an especially well trained religious person, as well) and to notice the patterns and mechanisms behind the curse.

I would change this part into “I want people avoiding the targets because they are afraid that the targets bad luck might influence their own well being”. It creates a circle of avoidance around the targets, which can be a curse in itself.

That probably depends on what you want to achieve? What should the curse take away from the target, what should it add?

If you need inspiration I would suggest to look at this thread under the “baneful” section :slight_smile:
Most DIY-workings in there are very wallet friendly.


Thanks, you’re far too helpful and I appreciate your offering of perspective, although my personal belief is that there is no one who could lift this “perfect curse”.

Maybe try E.A. Koetting’s Cow Tongue curse. :thinking: There shoukd be a copy of that old youtube video on Rumble somewhere. You can buy cow tongues for $10-20 online if you don’t have a local butcher to ask.

His book Baneful Magick has some special ideas as well.


Hell yeah

There’s also the chicken foot curse

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Tell me of this curse of you don’t mind!!

I am planning on using the EA Koetting originals with the cow tongue involved.

It just sounds like the kind of curse that I’ve been looking for.

I’ve watched the video and found it to be very inspirational, but am unable to perform it in the same likeness as the way he used it.

I’d actually rather just send them the beef tongue after laying the curse on them through abbadon and then laugh at them whenever they’ve realized it was me who sent it and they can’t prove anything. I wanted this to be as demonstrative a curse as possible, because people have tried to provoke me just to prove magick doesn’t work.

I’ve been vowing to myself that I would no longer lash out in retaliation and that I would simply work towards silencing them without rituals of baneful darkness in them. Somehow though, I feel I’ve made a terrible mistake in feeling that any of them could ever me keep their mouths closed about me. Therefore, I will ruin each and every last one of them for fucking with a ceremonial magician’s shamanism. They’re trying to sabotage my wealth building rituals for selfish reasons.

It’s ruination time and thanks again for the pointers guys. You are my salvation.

Most things can be done cheaply. Expensive props are not needed.

I strongly advise against this. If they know they’re cursed, they would very likely seek out counter measures.

I think to advise on this, it would help if you could clearly define what the intended outcome/end state that you are wanting

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Well see, they already have worked against me with focused intentions. It’s too late for them not to know it

I found out during an initial preparatory immersion tonight that Beelzebub’s trolls would be willing to attack them with a vengeance to get this party kicked off without any hangup. I’m trusting you guys with this information up front, because this was a secret weapons mission to obtain something that the target would never think to counteract against, and these trolling spiritual parties would quite literally only have met me under those bridges. That’s evidently where they’ve always met with folks, under a familiar roadway.