I need a reading bad

Is anyone willing to do a reading? I really need one.

What kind of reading are you interested in ?

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A life reading. I have a gang after me but I sent 14 spirits after them. What’s gonna happen?

Is anyone willing to do a reading for me

Sorry, I can’t


You’re welcome!

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Can I get a reading?

Come to my tarot thread. Press my profile and look for recent activity if you’re lost.

Hi can I please get a reading from you too?

It’s a free reading thread. So yes. Let me go bump it rn, you’ll see it in the main home area

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Do you still need a reading?
Hit me up.

Yes I do.i need to know about problems with my enemies. I have a gang after me.

I will perform a Celtic Cross for you today.



Peace to you. I have said a blessing over the reading, cleansed and cleared my sacred spaces, anointed myself with grounding oil, and placed crystals to channel the reading. I use the Rider-Waite deck if you wish to research on your own.

  1. Your situation…Page of Swords. A mentally quick and agile youth, communication, gossip and slander…this individual is generous with the truth.
  2. What crosses you…the Page of Cups, reversed. Emotional manipulation, avoiding responsibility.
  3. Best that can be hoped for…the 9 of pentacles, reversed. Capture, imprisonment.
  4. What you have…Queen of Wands. A friend, She is powerful and successful, fierce and loyal and passionate, with a quick temper. This is a most powerful woman, not to be trifled with.
  5. Recent past. Major Arcana, Judgement. Literally, this card is a card of Karmic Law. It is the willingness to obey your inner voice, your spiritual calling. We are all judged according to our deeds, Devil Dog.
  6. Near future…7 of swords, reversed. in the upright, this card is an unwise attempt to take what does not belong to you. Reversed, the truth will be found out, and lies will be exposed.
  7. Represents the Seeker…The Devil, reversed. Temptation avoided, freedom from abuse and addiction, release from fear.
  8. Environment…Ace of Wands. A new beginning, new enterprises, growth and passion.
    9.Hopes/Fears of Seeker…Reversed Knight of Swords. Brash, rude and ruthless, a criminal, activist or a soldier on the attack. War, combat, hatred.
  9. Outcome…Queen of Cups. Empathic, love and emotion. This is a card of grace, forgiveness and healing.

Cerebus. Those who have plotted against you will be exposed. You are fearful, but with a very good reason…reversed Page of Cups suggests emotional manipulation, and the Page of Swords is a brilliant youth, but can be a gossip and prone to exaggeration. You have a friend in the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Cups. These are mature and developed influences, unlike the pages or a knight. You have also beaten temptation, and addiction…Devil reversed.

Drew four clarifiers…King of Cups, a person of education and status, tolerant and wise, loving of family. Grace. With his queen, deep spiritual strength and knowledge is indicated. Ace of Cups, love, forgiveness and healing. The nine of swords, reversed, grief, shame and loss, nightmares and psychological trauma, regret about past situations. Two of pentacles, juggling two situations, both situations are a matter of balancing Karmic Law. Cerebus…if you have acted honorably and with good intention, those who strive against against you will be put to shame and publicly so.

Whoever you invoked…they are taking care of it.


Thank you that would be good

Emily Leigh

Peace to you.
Please, do you have a specific question? Are there any spreads that you want? I am sorry for what you are going through, and I hope that you are well, be strong.

Will I ever get to prove myself and what I would want my world to be. Will I die peaceful,

Story spread seems fitting

It’s weird but I can see the one you did for Cerebus for myself. I can identify with it. Will you be able to do one for me or are you into something else at this point?

Hi Emily
I will get you. I had two ahead of you, sorry.