I need a reading bad

Hi Emily

Peace to you. I did a Celtic Cross reading, and I asked what was it that you needed to know in your situation. As for dying…you are going to have a long time before any of that…honestly, you have much to do. You will be a right old woman.


I have cleansed and cleared my sacred spaces, said a prayer of protection and a blessing over the reading, anointed with grounding oils and placed crystals around the reading.

  1. The situation. You drew an eight of swords. The eight of swords is a really limiting situation, and it denotes mental activity. It is indecision, but this indecision and lack of physical action is based on fear. If you want to move forward, you will have to remove your blindfold and see what is in front of you. Use your instincts. Believe in yourself.

  2. Obstacles. The three of swords, reversed. You are afraid and in pain. In this reading, I sense that you are avoiding confirming some suspicions that you have. Avoiding the truth is not going to help you, Emily. I’m not saying this to hurt you, but to get you to act in your best interests.

  3. Influences of a Higher Power. The eight of cups. You have been unhappy and dissatisfied for a long time. You have been searching yourself and seeking spiritual truth.

  4. What the Seeker possesses. Reversed Ace of Cups. Grief, bitterness and disappointment, loss.

  5. Recent past. The two of cups, reversed. Miscommunication, separation and abandonment. Someone that you had a great love for betrayed you, and disappointed you.

  6. Near future. The five of wands, reversed. End of arguments and fighting. The end of competition.

  7. The seeker. You have defended your boundaries and protected your relationship, despite your doubts. You have acted with perseverance and honor.

  8. The Environment. Reversed Knight of Cups. Reversed, this Knight is manipulative, a player and untruthful.

  9. Hopes/Fears. Ace of Swords, reversed. Betrayal, dishonesty, injustice.

  10. Outcome. Nine of cups. The final outcome shows that you will overcome this situation, and you will realize what you wanted from this situation.

I drew four more cards. The seven of swords. This is a card of theft and betrayal. Eight of wands…quick energies. Communication and travel, love and correspondence. The six of pentacles…charity, kindness, but sometimes imbalance in a relationship. The final card was a Major Arcana card, the Fool. New beginnings and experiences, protection and learning.

Emily, may you have peace. You will have better than what was taken from you. Contact me if you have any questions.


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If you have any more time and are willing I would love a reading!



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Yeah, what do I need to do (or i guess stop doing) to reach my best spiritual self?


That’s ok. I actually wanted to change my question. Will I ever know peace and or love. Like true love true peace. What would I have to do to find it?

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Peace, Little Sister. And yeah, you will know it.

I asked the Tarot what it was that you really, REALLY needed to know. I asked exactly the question “what does Emily need to know?” I’m not being a smart arse, or anything, but I felt that what you said that you wanted before would not get to the heart of the matter for you.

So yes, I basically asked the Tarot to decide for you.

Your answer is yes. You will have a new beginning, but who you think is your Soul Mate currently…no. You will wait for it, and your trial, everything you have been going through, will take about nine months. I know, it is not what you wanted to hear, and it really does suck, but what you will have will be far better and everything that you never knew that you really wanted.



Hi Bat…

Peace to you. I switched from eucalyptus oil to patchouli. And I said a blessing over the reading.

So let’s go with a six card draw, or at least, that’s what my intuition wants.

  1. The ten of wands, reversed. This can mean releasing burdens, but it can also mean hiding something. Let your light shine, my friend.

  2. The Hanged Man, reversed. This is not the best reversal. The reversed Hanged Man is a failure to learn Karmic lessons, and you know what happens here…until you learn them, they will keep representing themselves, except more and more painfully and insistent in nature, until they are finally learned. If you were to die today, what would your last thoughts and desires really be? You have to give up something, sacrifice something, for your greater good here. Maybe it is cliche, but if you want to keep something, you need to release it to see if it will come back to you.

Remember, the Hanged Man does not become grounded by letting his feet touch the ground, but his head…

  1. The two of pentacles, reversed. You had a choice to make, and you made the wrong decision. The Rider-Waite deck shows this the best of any deck out there-sorry, my opinion-not hating. But basically, the juggler has two pentacles that he is having a hard time juggling. If you look closely, the pentacles are bound by a green rope. The green rope is Karmic Law. Once broken, that Law has been invoked and will be until the debt is satisfied.

  2. Justice, reversed. This card is the poster child for invoked Karmic Law. There is an unfairness and injustice, and it can mean that lies have been told to hurt you and defame you.

  3. The nine of pentacles, reversed. Loneliness, isolation and detachment. I get a little bit more of a sense that you feel that you have had to work really hard for everything that you have, but you have also had to do it alone. People have not treated you fairly, and the people in your life have placed responsibility on you that should never have been yours in the first place.

  4. Your final card is the ten of pentacles. This is a card of legacy, inheritance, institution and family. My first instinct is to say that you need to find your true family, your Soul Family.



could i get a reading!

wow…thank you.

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Sure thing, my best to you honey.


How do you find your soul family?

Digenes, I wanted to thank you for your reading. And the follow up. I am appreciative. Have a great evening and remember to take some time for your own reading.


Just concentrate on the Universe. Think of all of those possibilities, and worlds and Universes, dimensions, planes and times. Focus your intent, and then ask to be connected somehow, in some way with your Soul Family. Your guardian spirit will guide you.

If I told you a formula, or gave you mighty tasks, you might well follow it, and have more faith in finding an answer. But just simply asking is enough. Believe.

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Greetings Diogenes

If you ever have time I’d like a reading, no rush though, I’d like to pm you on my 2 questions if it’s ok :slight_smile:

Of course, please do, I will read for you.

Can I have one please? :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

May I please have a reading?
There is a man who I once dated. He claims to want nothing to do with me, but he behaves as though he is watching me very closely.
I know he has been involved with other women since we broke up.

Has he really moved on, or is he still interested in me? Is he dangerous?

His initials are CS.

Hi @diogenes :hibiscus:. I’d welcome a reading (only) if you have time and are still doing them.
If so, let me know and I’ll PM you.

Hi J

Blessings, and peace.

  1. The Hierophant–a wise teacher and mentor, order and tradition…the three of wands, success in studies, enterprise, business and expansion, and the ten of wands…hard work, oppression and burdens.
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Hi Rosy

Peace to you.

  1. The five of wands, reversed…a failure to stand out against equally talented competition.

  2. The Hierophant…order and tradition.

  3. The seven of pentacles…lack of patience to see an investment reach full potential.

  4. The Chariot, reversed…giving up before trying. Emotional outbursts.

He might be interested, but he is too focused on himself and his needs to put forth any effort and develop a relationship.