I need a dream interpreter

Last night I was meditating but I ended up falling asleep while I was meditating, and I had a dream I was with my mother at my house, she was doing laundry and cleaning around the house, keep in mind this is a dream, so in the dream I decided to help her clean the house and as we where cleaning we both saw two snakes and she decided to kill both the snakes and they weren’t even trying to escape or anything then after she killed both snakes then we both saw another one but this one was big very big, surprisingly this snake was half human and half snake like (Medusa) the human part was a very beautiful young woman but she was sleeping so my mother decided to tie both her hands together until she woke up, when she woke up she was angry at us so she attached my mother but didn’t do her any harm and we managed run away From the house and went to seek for help that’s when this snake person took out an oil and spread it on the inside of the house and I could hear her (the snake) tell me that she has been with us for a very long time without us knowing and she has been protecting us then I woke up and I felt like something strange was protecting me but at the same time I was scared coz I don’t know this thing.

May someone please interpret this for me please

Nobody should be trying to tell you this, imo, though they could divine what’s going on to get more info, conscious analysis without knowing you very well is not likely to be meaningful. Dream books are a waste of paper.
Dream interpretation is 80% scam, 20% asking you what your own dream means.

Dreams are symbolic and subjective and highly personal. Leaving aside lucid dreams and dreamwalking for a minute…
Dreams usually contain some of several pieces jumbled together:

  1. Rehashing what you experienced in the last few days
  2. Wish fulfillment
  3. Subconscious messages
  4. Entity messages

And all these are overlaid with symbolism making them tricky to interpret unless you’re the actual dreamer, and maybe not then. What it’s really ideal not to do it get too literal with the analysis and start building castles.

So you need to ask yourself what your mother means to you here - your actual mother or a representation of something else? Same with the snakes and protectors. That could simply be your own power.

What you didn’t post here, is how you felt in-dream about it all - that is importat and a big clue for your interpretation. You should ask your self, “what does this mean to me” and then follow your first impression, the first thing you think of and not 2nd guess it.

I suggest you get into meditation, go back into the dream and ask the snake who it is and what it wants.

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To be completely frank, it sounds more a vision than a dream, a message, and that message seems to be quite clear. The spirit looking to communicate, making clear that you’re under protection.
Though if there was something to interpret, it would be, why your mother killed the 2 snakes.
This could be metaphorical in that she’s keeping you from attaining kundalini movement, or her own.
Though it could mean any number of things in truth, it is though what comes to mind.
Have you been using essential oils in the home? That could be the significance of the oil that was being spread, as protection.
Another thing that comes to mind is that your mother could be overly protective and/or not happy with your spiritual path, hence the binding and the killing of the snakes.
Snakes tend to represent healing, knowledge, wisdom just to name a few, they are also closely tied to spirituality.
As for the snake woman, it could be a representation of Lilith, that’s what comes through, but only you would be able to clarify.

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