I met a guy....but I have no idea who he is

Is there a demon that could help me meet someone that I only had a few minutes to meet and you only know what they look like and nothing else?

I’ve done this before. But I didn’t use a demon. If you met them you know what their energy feels like, yes?

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Summon them as you would a spirit. Instead of a sigil or name, you have their energy. Meditate on what they felt like and burn their eyes into your mind. Envision yourselves in the great web and tapestry of the universe, being woven around the same thread of existence.
Then… forget about it.
That’s what does it for me, although it takes a few days, weeks or months. But I always run into them again, or they come to me.


Thank you! Your assistance was very much needed

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You’re very welcome love