I met a Djinn

I met a Djinn deep underground in a tunnel.

He gave me two good sized moonstones wrapped in a turquoise cloth with yellow imbrodering and fringe.

He never spoke to me, so would any of you who maybe work more with the Djinn know why he would give me this? Or what the meaning of it is?

Ari :rose:


Probably some other Djinn is bound to them or he himself is, I’d use them and see what is in there and try to figure out what went on… but only if you feel safe and fine with it. Djinns do tend to get tricky with us humans but not all of them mean bad


Maybe stones to control the weather or something like that?

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Abaddon was with me when he gave them to me. I feel like they connect to the place but I’m not sure how to use them.

It could be possible that something is bound to them.

Or they could control something.

I just wish he or Abaddon one would have explained :laughing:


I’m not sure if I was awake or dreaming but I remember something about the place I was at connects to the magnetism of the moon? :thinking:


He is actually a Marid

And looks alot like this


There isn’t anything that is inherently meaningful when it comes to your interaction with the djinn in an objective sense. If I were to give my two cents, it seems to hold more personal meaning rather than the latter.

Marid tend to specialize in various forms of magick so perhaps he gave you something that could be useful in the current path that you are on (possibly something to amplify particular abilities or spells).

Information on Moonstone: https://originstones.com/project/moonstone/

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