I may have trapped a spirit

As per the instructions of Hah’kla’tor from the book of Azazel, i summoned Aleister Crowley, and trapped him in an obsidian object. I can see him inside trying to get out. What I am not sure of is if it truly trapped him and no one can summon him again. Did this happen?


In my experience most bindings of spirits to a physical vessel actually strengthens their ability to affect our world as their energy builds up in the object and these items serve as good focal points and ritual implements as they allow you to access the spirit easier due to the fact there is a built up charge of their energy, just hanging out.

I personally believe that when you summon most spirits, you get a personalized version or face of that spirit, which experiences of are influenced by our preconceived ideas and so on.

When I’ve had groups test my servitors, I’ve had many people summon them at the same time.

As such, Imop all you did was bind your personal version of that spirit, and most anyone else who comes along will still be able to summon the spirit to them, unless they have convinced themselves you were able to bind a multidimensional spirit to one dimension.

Usually when I come across spirits bound to objects that cannot leave, they are are not multidimensional spirits and only face exists to begin, like with the shade of something that once was or otherwise a Lesser spirit, with little awareness.

I believe this because of my experience working with and creating spirits, I found very quickly due to someone with a huge ego, who was attacking balg, that they thought they’d killed every servitor I’ve shared on the forum.

Ironically I’ve had pms, replies and emails about them all, from people who summoned after the supposed magician killed them in his attack on balg forums.

I’ve also confirmed that once an individual has killed their face of my servitors, all they need is the name and image to bring that servitors back to life in their life, as the whole was not affected.

They do however have souls and means of protection of their own.

As such, I can’t even confirm these people actually killed their version of my servitors as they were able to resummon directly. But they sure thought they absorbed, eliminated or burned them up.

I’ve only had one person every completely convinced that my servitors were not able to show up or help them, and since the person said similar about pretty much every other thing they tried, including big authors and big names grimoires, I’m inclined to believe that individual has personal issues that influence their magic.

Especially since their claim was right after the creation of Luna, which is about two years ago and the claims of killing her and the others occurred in August of this year.

So I highly doubt you have bound a multidimensional spirit, to a single plane and location of existence. I also assume Crowley has long incarnated or ascended into a being that would not be subject to only existing as a single dimensional being.

How did you verify you got Crowley? How did you verify you got the correct entity from the book of Azazel procedure?

Why are you binding entities before you are able to interpret the Clair senses, particularly clairsentience as that skill would allow you to determine the energy quality of the binding performed and what’s going on with it, so it could actually be verified.

I don’t really recommend taking crap shoot operations (those that you don’t understand what they actually do or how they work) and implementing them before you have a handle on the basic skills, and I consider discernment of energy quality and what’s occurred from energy work, through clairsentience to be an item that probably oughta be checked off before binding random spirits that might decide they don’t like what your doing and to take matters into their own hands.

Can you protect yourself if spirit you bound us not Crowley, or is angered that you thought you’d summon them just bind them to an object and prevent them from moving or fulfilling their purpose?

Can you banish if the spirit you bound has friends that come to free it?

Can negate the type of poltergeist activity that often occurs with dead spirits and having an influx of energy that won’t be banished when you banish since it’s now bound to an item in your space?

I’m sure there’s a few more common sense questions to ask before binding random spirits but that’s all I can think of.

Hopefully someone else with actual experience summoning dead spirits, will come along and also attempt to summon the late Crowley and either they will reach him, or they won’t, but if they are experienced they will probably remember to summon from the original spirit and not what you have bound to confirm or deny this experience for you.

Summoning what you have bound may not even be safe for newer magicians, (unless they have experience with protection and banishing) since the identity of the bound entity cannot be confirmed as of yet, and it would only confirm if the entity you have there can be summoned out of your binding and not whether or not it is a shade of Crowley unless they attempt to also summon a version of Crowley first.


Nope. Bound spirits can still be summoned.

Demons get bound all the time, for example, yet other magicians still work with them.

Besides, it was unlikely to actually be Crowley. He died over seventy years ago, so his actual spirit would have likely moved on by now. What you got is not him.


i am able to

idk except that i have the Crowley spirit in a tiny obsidian dragon skull and that is the entities speciality

Yeah as noted this isn’t really how it works, so we can’t verify if what you have there is an egregore shade, aspect of the spirit that was incarnate as Crowley, an impostor or whatever. As noted it’s unlikely to be his ghost: he should have died the 2nd death (leaving the qi body as well as the phyical body) a long time ago, as he didn’t know about how to maintain a qi body through cultivation techniques until very late in life and it’s not likely he developed that far.

We are not all in the same reality, we just share overlapping bits, my person astral is not your personal astral. What you should find is that in your personal reality he is bound and YOU can’t do anything with him except in context of accessing him through the stone. In this sense your success will be evidenced by the results that affect you.

Yes. Time and space aren’t exactly “real” as limitations on energy, these are part of the physical, not spiritual, reality. And spirit is in some part sentient energy.

It would be safer to use divination or remote viewing mind probe set with the intention to view a copy of what is going on in that reality.

I don’t think it matters whether we can check this? What matters is what happens for you in your UPG and your world.

I pulled a card and got Page of Pentacles, which is about scholarship, and I’m reading as representing he Akashic Records. In this case I think you may have an Akashic Recording, a copy or facsimile, if you like, of Crowley. Given the ghost is probably gone, this is the closest you’ll get to the actual Crowley, and it should be able to answer questions in the same manner and with the same info he would have. I would call that a success.