I made a HEFTY curse jar, what should my next move be?

This was done a lil over a month ago, and I have yet to dispose of it as I’m torn on the most effective method to handle it. I’m torn between burying it, tossing it down the sewer drain or just letting it rot. In the meantime it has been stored in a dark place and has never seen the light also it has started to mold on the inside which I can’t tell if that is a good sign or not. (The herbs have literally turned black)

This was done to bring suffering to my abuser, I can’t tell if it’s working or not as I haven’t had anything that I would consider backlash from the curse - I say this because I know that while I struggle with mental health issues, this isn’t a new development and has been an ongoing battle long before I did this. This is what I used, and I’m open to any critiques or information that y’all may have about them…(I need to know if I shot myself in the foot with this one)

My Materials ~

  1. A mini jar
  2. Salt - To protect me
  3. Broken Glass - From the vans sliding door because they kicked it out, to anchor it to them and to take their home from them as they had done to me.
  4. A used tissue - To promote illness
  5. Chile Sauce/Hot Sauce
  6. My Spit - Filled with anger/hatred (Nothing beats an angry loogy)
  7. A Personal Affect + Symbol for the Target with their full name written on it and their nickname
  8. Bent push pins
  9. Lemon concentrate - Carries the curse
  10. The sigils of Lilith, Mussumu + Tiamat (and an unnamed disincarnate)
  11. My blood - On the sigils and in the bottle, my belief is blood demands blood
  12. Sage and other herbs - To protect me

Some of these do not have an addition as they were things that I felt guided to add in. Typically I don’t curse people, the extent of that really is only ever a “Hate Loogy” and never really something as elaborate as this was.

How should I dispose of this or should I just continue to let it rot in darkness? Or should I break it (safely of course, DO NOT want THAT coming back to me :sweat_smile:) and do something else? For context all sigils were just stuffed in it with the intent to anchor those entities to that person.


Drink it;)


I throw baneful jars in the trash on the day my trash leaves the house, once I’m done with them.

I don’t bury them or toss them in running water because they aren’t biodegradable, it may not be much better for the environment at the landfill, but it makes me feel better and gets it out of my house. I figure it’s the appropriate place for true trash.

All other jars I just wash and then cleanse and use again.

Biodegradables I like to burn and sprinkle the ashes or send down the river.

I don’t bury anything in my property that I don’t want in my life forever.

You’ve got a good gut instinct though it seems from your ingredients, I’d take a moment to ask it what it thinks you should do and see if it has an idea of what fits best for you :slight_smile:


YUM :drooling_face:


Yes yes very yum yum :crazy_face::crazy_face:

I don’t have 100% biodegradable contents inside of my jars (sometimes I am using painted or otherwise chemically treated trinkets and metals, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with burying them in a patch of soil or releasing it into a body of water). If I feel that a jar has run its course or if I need to call my work back I am using a “dead man’s switch” workaround :slight_smile: I am channelling the purpose from the ingredients into a piece of paper, write a brief “it is done” kind of sentence onto it (be it because its REALLY done or because you want to call it back, I would add this into the writing then) and burn it. This way I can open it and put each component into its respective trash can :slight_smile: I haven’t suffered any kind of backlash from this, so far.

Sidenote: I stumbled over this because I had to make use of calling back a jar while being geographically parted from it and it worked :sweat_smile: Its now my preferred method for finished jars, as well.


I’ve seen one idea from practicing brujos out in the deserts that they have safe locations hidden among the rocks. The magick keeps working as long as the jar is intact.

So if I made a jar it would either, be part of the plan that it’s for the long haul and I’d bury it outside the house somwhere retreivable and safe, or, if its a temporary one then I’d flush the contents and cleanse and reuse the jar.

A glass jar to me is not a disposable in any case. If I want disposable I’d use something I’ll already have to throw away, like an old plastic food tub and chuck it in the trash, or a biodegradesble poppet.


throw it away at the crossroads, they say it will dismiss the magic.

Yeah I wish we had proper recycling, but there isn’t a community in reasonable traveling distance that does, so it’s regular trash for anything I can’t purchase in biodegradable packaging.

I try, but :woman_shrugging:. I agree with your thinking on it though and do what I can.