I made a clay bowl for Hestia Offering

I made an offering bowl out of clay to Lady Hestia. I kneaded dried rose pedals into the clay. I tried to have places to hold incense and a clasp thingy to hold pictures/petition/other requests.

This should make future dealings with her more favourable! I am working to build up my relationship with her. Do you think she will like it? I’m going to paint it once it’s set, but I’m still deciding what color or colors I should use. Any suggestions?


Is it polymer clay or air dry clay - you’re not expecting to fire it I’m guessing?

As a goddess of hearth and home maybe more warm, homey colours like terracotta and pumpkin to gold and corn, representing harvest foods and fire.


The clay is air dry clay, it’s actually terracotta colored clay that my best friend bought me many years ago when I was her roommate. I’ve kept it for use in something special and decided to make an offering bowl of Hestia and a small statuette for Lilith.

I love the idea of such warm and comforting colors! Thankyou for the suggestions!